Baboon Blast

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A Barrel Cannon course, entered by using Baboon Blast.

Baboon Blast (Barrelum Perilous) is one of Donkey Kong's special moves in Donkey Kong 64. It allows for him reach a special Barrel Cannon course. This move can be purchased from Cranky's Lab for three Banana Bunch Coins starting in Jungle Japes.

To use this move, the player must press Z Button while Donkey Kong stands on a Cranky's Kong Pad depicting his head. This fires him up into the sky, and he ends up in a Barrel Cannon challenge. In it, Donkey Kong must blast through a series of Barrel Cannons and Auto-Fire Barrels until he reaches the end goal. This usually either triggers an event in the world or rewards him with a Golden Banana.

Baboon Blast is used once in each world except Hideout Helm. The Barrel Cannon challenge for Angry Aztec is the only one required for a non-101% completion, otherwise the Kongs cannot enter the Llama's Temple and free Lanky Kong.

Pad locations[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バレルブラスト
Bareru Burasuto
Barrel Blast
French Blasto-Babouin


  • Frantic Factory's Barrel Cannon course is the only one to use the main world theme.