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Species Weasel
First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
“Greetings! Snide's the name, revenge is my game!”
Snide, Donkey Kong 64

Snide is a weasel and the former chief technician of the Kremling Krew in Donkey Kong 64. He later assisted the Kongs at his headquarters, where they would recover the Blast-o-Matic's blueprints for him to stop King K. Rool from re-activating the machine.


Snide is orange-furred with light fur around his cheeks, snout, jaw, and underbelly. Snide's eyes are blue, and he wears an open blue jumpsuit with rolled-up sleeves and polished black shoes.


Snide talking to Diddy Kong in Donkey Kong 64
Snide talking to Diddy Kong

Prior to the events of Donkey Kong 64, Snide was responsible for being the Blast-o-Matic's lead designer. After completing the Blast-o-Matic, K. Rool became paranoid of Snide betraying him, so K. Rool fired him. After his expulsion, Snide moved to the DK Isles and set up a headquarters.

When the active Kong first enters Snide's headquarters, he introduces himself and explains his backstory. He asks the Kongs to assist him by recovering blueprints, each being guarded by a Kasplat. Snide rewards them with a Golden Banana for each blueprint they recover. Later, right before the Kongs enter into Hideout Helm, a cutscene shows Snide telling the Kongs that he is delaying the Blast-o-Matic from firing; each blueprint allows Snide to delay the Blast-o-Matic by another minute. This cutscene even plays if the Kongs have never visited Snide's HQ.

If the Kongs recover all forty blueprints, Snide allows them to replay most of the Bonus Barrel minigames at his headquarters.


  • Instruction booklet bio from Professor Cranky Kong (page 10): "A mysterious weasel defector who bears a grudge against the Kremlings. I can’t be bothered to tell you any more, so you’ll have to ask him what he’s doing in this game when you meet him."
  • Player's Guide (page 7): "Snide is willing to help the Kongs if they help him. Once he was K. Rool’s mechanical mastermind, but then the ungrateful monarch stole Snide’s Blueprint of the king’s floating island and gave the hapless henchman the royal boot. Only the Kongs can help him now. In every world there’s a Kremling with hair that matches one Kong’s designated color. If that Kong defeats the Kremling, he or she will win one piece of the Blueprint, which, when taken to Snide’s Hideout, will garner a Golden Banana as a reward."
  • Prima Games guide (page 14): "This weasel has an agenda. He wants to mess up K. Rool's plans as much as you do, but he needs a full set of Blueprints to do it. Each character can find one piece of the Blueprints per level. When you bring in a piece, Snide gives you a Golden Banana."

German website[edit]

"The former chief technician of King K. Rool's is primarily responsible for the design and construction of the floating fortress and the Blast-o-matic. However, he has fallen from grace in the eyes of his boss and has been expelled from the team. Since then the inventive engineer has been living on the DK Islands and has been planning revenge on against King K. Rool."

"He asks the Kongs to recover the individual parts of the torn-up carbon copy containing the blueprints for the Blast-o-matic. If they succeed in finding all the carbons, Snide's gains a wider scope of action for the Kong clan toward the end of the game. What's more, he rewards every carbon copy delivered with a golden banana."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スナイド
French Snide -


  • Snide is one of the characters featured in How to Draw Nintendo Heroes And Villains. Despite aiding the Kongs in his only game appearance to date, he is labeled as a villain.
  • Snide's occupation and motivation for helping the Kongs was different in earlier versions of Donkey Kong 64. Rather than being chief technician, Snide was K. Rool's personal handyman and was frustrated that he was only given menial chores to do, eventually deciding to betray the Kremlings after K. Rool refused to let him work on his "Super Gun" project.[1]


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