Bananaport Pad

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Five Bananaport Pads on the ground

Bananaport Pads[1], or simply Bananaports[2], are objects in Donkey Kong 64 that allow easy travel in various areas via "bananaport", a large banana with a zipper. It comes in numbers 1 - 5 and each of the two pairs of Bananaport Pads need to be activated to work. Each Bananaport Pad has a different color depending on what number it has, 1 is blue, 2 is green, 3 is purple, 4 is red and 5 is yellow. In order to use a Bananaport Pad, the player needs to stand on one and press the Z Button button to bananaport to the other Pad of the same number. Although each area generally only has one pair of each Bananaport number, some areas have two sets of a few bananaports, generally to make navigating sub-areas easier.


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