Funky's Store

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Funky's Store
Funky's Armory in the game Donkey Kong 64.
First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
Owner Funky Kong

Funky's Store, also called Funky's Armory,[1] is a location run by Funky Kong in Donkey Kong 64, where he sells weapons and upgrades to the Kongs. The location is a wooden shack with a set of three large bananas on top. The music and atmosphere of Funky's Store is based on an army surplus store; the location even has a front sign reading "ARMORY". The Kongs can also visit Funky's Store to have their ammo supply replenished if it is below the maximum amount.

In the game's kiosk demo, the building exterior's sign reads "ARMOURY". Both the satellite and the satellite dish are absent from the roof.


Each of the five Kongs can obtain a personal weapon from Funky's Store by taking their respective first visit. Funky sells a weapon to the active Kong if they pay three Banana Bunch Coins.

Kong Weapon
Donkey Kong Coconut Shooter
Diddy Kong Peanut Popguns
Lanky Kong Grape Shooter
Tiny Kong Feather Bow
Chunky Kong Pineapple Launcher


By default, every Kong's weapon only carries up to 50 ammo. They can purchase a few extra upgrades for their weapons later in their adventure. Although Funky Kong doesn't outright say so, the Ammo Belts also increase the Kongs' orange capacity.

Upgrade Price Description Starting world
Ammo Belt 1 3 Banana Bunch Coins Increases the maximum capacity of the Kongs' weapons to 100 ammo, and increases their orange capacity from 20 to 25. Frantic Factory
Homing Ammo 5 Banana Bunch Coins Allows the Kongs to use homing ammo, which causes their shots to home in on enemies. The maximum amount of homing ammo the Kongs can carry is equal to the maximum capacity of their normal ammo. Fungi Forest
Ammo Belt 2 5 Banana Bunch Coins Increases the maximum capacity of the Kongs' weapons to 200 ammo, and their orange capacity to 30. Crystal Caves
Sniper Scope 7 Banana Bunch Coins Allows the Kongs to shoot ammo farther while in a first-person view. Creepy Castle


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファンキーのおみせ
Fankī no Omise
Funky's Store
French Boutique de Funky Funky's Store
German Funkys Arsenal[2] Funky's Arsenal
Spanish Armería de Funky Funky's Armory


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