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Donkey Kong 64 artwork
Species Hippopotamus
First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
“I reckon that if you can feed my buddy Scoff over there, he might be able to overcome my slight weight problem.”
Troff, Donkey Kong 64

Scoff is a giant blue hippopotamus that the Kongs meet in Donkey Kong 64. In every area of Donkey Kong 64 except for Hideout Helm, the Kongs come across a portal which transports them to an area where Scoff and his buddy Troff await them. The Kongs must feed Scoff a certain number of bananas so that he can grow tremendous and lift Troff up to the key using a see-saw like mechanism. However, Scoff inexplicably shrinks to initial size the next time the Kongs meet up with him. After the Kongs defeat King Krusha K. Rool, both Scoff and Troff retreat to DK's Tree House, where they party with the Kongs and their friends.


  • Instruction booklet: "Troff’s a pig, Scoff’s a hippo, and both are big, slow and useless. They sit in their nice, cozy room and wait to be fed enough bananas to satisfy their alarming appetites. Once fed, they’re supposed to help you. But a novice player like you won’t be able to collect enough food, so I’d be wasting my precious breath if I told you what they did."[1]
  • Player's Guide: "Troff the pig and Scoff the hippo guard the doors that lead to the bosses who hold the eight keys to K. Lumsy’s cage. Unfortunately, the doors are locked and Troff can’t reach the keys. Help him by feeding bananas to Scoff until he counterbalances Troff. You’ll have to feed Scoff more bananas as you progress, and you can combine all the bananas collected by all the Kongs to reach the total."[2]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スコーフ


Scoff sans nipple rings
Scoff, sans piercings.
  • Scoff's appearance in-game bears piercings on his nipples; though his earlier artwork reflected that (including in the instruction manual), it was subsequently removed in later promotional material. The same occurred to their counterpart, Troff.


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