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Species Owl
First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
“Hoot! I don't speak to anyone without wings. Come back when you can fly.”
Owl, Donkey Kong 64

The Owl[1][2] is a character from Donkey Kong 64 that lives in the big tree in Fungi Forest. He wears a green racing shirt. Like the Rabbit, the Owl must first be awoken by a musical instrument move, in his case the Guitar Gazump, before he can be raced. The Owl can only be encountered at night, but he does not want to talk to anyone who cannot fly, which he says to Diddy if he is not wearing his Jetbarrel. While Diddy's Rocketbarrel Boost move is active, the Owl, in similar vein to the Buzzard in Angry Aztec, challenges Diddy to fly through that the rings he left behind. Along the way, Diddy must avoid hitting into the tree branches, and if Diddy misses three rings, he loses at the challenge. When Diddy completes the course, the Owl feels disappointed that his obstacle course was not as hard as thought it was. The Owl then rewarded Diddy with a Bonus Barrel at the top of the tree, instead of a Golden Banana as most other characters do.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フクロウ[3]
Owl; shared with Hoot and the Wario Land II owl


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