Strong Kong

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Strong Kong in the game Donkey Kong 64.
Donkey Kong using the Strong Kong ability in Angry Aztec.

Strong Kong (Strongum Kongus) is one of Donkey Kong's special abilities in Donkey Kong 64. He can learn the ability at Cranky's Lab in Angry Aztec for five Banana Bunch Coins. After purchasing the move, Donkey Kong can transform into Strong Kong by jumping into a Donkey Barrel.

When Donkey Kong is in Strong Kong form, he is surrounded by flashing and sparkling lights, similar to the effects of a Super Star. Donkey Kong is completely immune to damage while Strong Kong is active, and is able to walk across surfaces such as quicksand and lava. The move is powered by Crystal Coconuts; if Donkey Kong runs out of them, he is forcefully reverted to his normal form. Donkey Kong also loses the power if he uses a Bananaport Pad. The player can also revert Donkey Kong to normal at will by simultaneously pressing Z Button and Left C Button.

In the Crystal Caves lobby, Donkey Kong must use Strong Kong to obtain a Golden Banana floating above the lava.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ストロングDK
Sutorongu DK
Strong DK
French Kong Kostaud Strong Kong