Feather Bow

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Tiny Kong with her weapon of choice, the Feather Bow

The Feather Bow is a weapon used by Tiny Kong. She uses it during the events of Donkey Kong 64. As the name suggests, it is a golden crossbow that shoots feathers as projectiles. The weapon is created by Funky Kong to aid in the Kong Family's quest to stop King K. Rool from blowing up Donkey Kong Island. She also uses it to turn King K. Rool's toes red while inside of his left shoe during the final battle.

It is considerably weaker than the other weapons, but can be shot quickly for more damage. It can activate Feather Switches and defeat certain enemies. The ammunition is small, so it may miss its target. When a red Supply Crate is opened, five to ten darker-colored feathers are added to Tiny's ammo as regular ammo. When these darker-colored feathers are launched, they will go after the nearest enemy to the crosshair and the closest to Tiny herself.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フェザー・ボウガン
Fezā bougan
Feather Crossbow
French Arc-à-Plumes Feather Bow


  • In the game's official artworks of Tiny Kong posing with the Feather Bow, the feathers are gray and have the calamus closer to the back of the weapon; but in the game, the feathers are red and the calamus part is facing the direction it is going. Also the feathers in the game only appear after being fired, due to the 64-bit textural limitations.
  • The Feather Bow's triggering sound is the same with and without any ammunition, but the additional sound is the feather being fired (with ammunition only).
  • The Feather Bow is the only weapon in the game that does not use a piece of food as ammunition, and also the only weapon that is not a gun when compared to other weapons by the other Kongs.