Feather Bow

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Tiny Kong
Tiny Kong holding the Feather Bow

The Feather Bow is Tiny Kong's personal weapon in Donkey Kong 64. She can buy it from Funky Kong at his store for three Banana Bunch Coins when she first visits there. The Feather Bow uses sharp, red feathers for ammo, and due to its size and weight, the feather has a weaker aim than the other weapon ammunition. The Feather Bow is the only weapon that is not a firearm and the only weapon to not use a type of fruit as its ammo. To compensate, the Feather Bow shoots ammo faster than any ammo. Tiny can use the Feather Bow to activate Feather Switches. The Feather Bow has the same triggering sound regardless whether it is equipped with ammo.

When Tiny opens a red Supply Crate, she obtains five to ten darker feathers for ammo. The dark feathers can home in on the closest enemy to either the crosshair or Tiny.

During the final battle against King Krusha K. Rool, Tiny must use her Feather Bow while in K. Rool's left shoe and shoot a feather at whichever toe that K. Rool lifts to turn it red.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フェザー・ボウガン
Fezā bougan
Feather Crossbow
French Arc-à-Plumes Feather Bow
Italian Arco di Piume Feather Bow
Spanish Plumarco Portmanteau of "Pluma" (feather) and "Arco" (Bow)


  • In the artwork of Tiny holding a Feather Bow, the calamus is closer to the back of the weapon. In the game itself, the calamus points in the same direction as the Feather Bow.