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DK Portal
A DK Portal
First appearance Donkey Kong 64

A DK Portal[1] is an object found in Donkey Kong 64. DK Portals are tunnel-shaped transportation devices with Donkey Kong's logo on them that allow the Kongs to travel from a level's lobby on DK Isles to the start of the level, and vice versa. Upon passing through one, the Kong spins and shrinks, then arrives at the destination before returning to their normal size. The DK Portal in every lobby is guarded by B. Locker, who will leave only after being shown a specific number of Golden Bananas. Hideout Helm is the only level without a DK Portal; instead, the entrance to it is an ordinary tunnel behind a metal door.

DK Portals do not require the Kong to walk into them to enter; touching a DK Portal in any way, such as with Lanky's arm-stretching attack, activates it. As a result of this, some Kongs are able to ignore B. Locker by simply reaching past him.


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