Gorilla Grab

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Gorilla Grab
Donkey Kong performing Gorilla Grab

Gorilla Grab (Simium Strainus) is one of Donkey Kong's unique moves in Donkey Kong 64. He can learn the move at Cranky's Lab, starting with Frantic Factory, for the price of seven Banana Bunch Coins.

Gorilla Grab allows Donkey Kong to pull levers while standing on an footprint pad next to it. When Donkey Kong stands on it, the player can press B Button to have him perform Gorilla Grab and pull the lever. By pulling the lever, Donkey Kong triggers a certain event. For instance, in Frantic Factory, Gorilla Grab is used to power up the Production Room. Another notable instance where Donkey Kong performs the move is to play the Donkey Kong arcade cabinet in Frantic Factory.

Donkey Kong can perform Gorilla Grab on a lever in the DK Isles lobby for Frantic Factory and Fungi Forest each.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴリラハンド
Gorira Hando
Gorilla Hand
French Chope-Singiesque
Italian Presa Gorilla Grab[1] Gorilla Grab Grab


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