K. Lumsy's Prison

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K. Lumsy's Prison
A cutscene, where the player first discovers K. Lumsy Island.
K. Lumsy's Prison, as seen in Donkey Kong 64
First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
Greater location Crocodile Isle
“I've taken a quick look around, but the only area that hasn't been blocked off is that island with a cave on it over there! Bwark!”
Squawks, Donkey Kong 64
The strange ending for the Game Over screen.
K. Lumsy's Prison in the extended Game Over scene

K. Lumsy's Prison,[1] or K. Lumsy's Island,[2][3] is a dome-like structure in Donkey Kong 64 where K. Lumsy is imprisoned during most of the game's events. The interior is much larger than the exterior, and the main part of it is the giant cage with K. Lumsy. Two Golden Bananas can be obtained here, both by Lanky Kong only: The first one can be obtained outside the prison with his Grape Shooter, while the second can be obtained inside with OrangStand Sprint. K. Lumsy's Prison is later seen in the ending, when K. Rool is launched into the prison by Funky Kong, and though it is not shown, it is implied that K. Rool is beaten by K. Lumsy.

In an unused, extended Game Over cutscene, for unknown reasons, K. Lumsy's Prison appears at the end, where the player is spawned at the entrance and can jump in place.[4]


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