Wrinkly Door

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Diddy Kong's Wrinkly Door in the game Donkey Kong 64.
Diddy Kong's Wrinkly Door located in the lobby of Jungle Japes
“She may not be quite the same as you remember her, but my good-natured wife will again be around to help you if you get stuck... which I'm sure you will.”
Cranky Kong in the Donkey Kong 64 manual, page 9

Wrinkly Doors are special instances featured in the game Donkey Kong 64. These objects look like oval, wooden doors in a colored frame and have Wrinkly Kong's face imprinted on them. The Kongs can get in contact with the deceased Wrinkly Kong through them. They are found in the lobbies of the regular worlds and their purpose is to give advice to the player, so they can play the game more efficient.

Wrinkly's Doors are present in the lobby of every regular world featured in the game, except for Hideout Helm. Five of them can be found in each lobby. When the player approaches one of the doors, a ghostly image of Wrinkly Kong will appear, accompanied by an eldrich howl. The ghost of Wrinkly will then give the player a hint, how they can find a specific Golden Banana in the level. The color of the door's frame shows which one of the Kongs can retrieve the banana. After giving advice, Wrinkly will go back behind the door with another spooky noise.

Wrinkly's advice is only available if the respective Kong has already been freed of King K. Rool's custody. If the Kong belonging to the door's color has not been unlocked at this moment, the door will show a big question mark with the corresponding Kong's color instead of Wrinkly's face.

In the lobby of Angry Aztec, Chunky Kong's Wrinkly Door is initially not available. Tiny Kong needs to shoot a Feather Switch in the lobby to open up a small room with two Zingers and a black switch. Once the player defeats the Zingers, a Chunky Barrel will appear next to the black switch. Chunky can then use his Hunky Chunky ability and Simian Slam the black switch to reveal his Wrinkly Door.

In the lobby of Crystal Caves, all Wrinkly Doors are blocked off by big blocks of ice. Inside a cave in the lobby, Chunky can pick up a boulder and put it down on a switch in the center of the lobby that will move the ice blocks, making the Wrinkly Doors accessible.

Wrinkly Kong's hints

Jungle Japes

  • Donkey Kong: Get DK's Coconut Shooter from Funky's Store and use it to hit the coconut switches.
  • Diddy Kong: Shoot the switch over the giant minecart to make the path complete in Diddy's mine area.
  • Lanky Kong: Use Diddy to open the gate to Lanky's cave. Once inside, slam the stumps and shoot the Zingers!
  • Tiny Kong: Go and see Cranky, or Tiny will find herself unable to fit into the tree stump.
  • Chunky Kong: X marks the spot for Chunky and gives him a chance to use his weight.

Angry Aztec

  • Donkey Kong: Free the llama by completing Donkey's Blast Barrel course.
  • Diddy Kong: Bash the gongs with Diddy's Chimpy Charge to reveal hidden surprises.
  • Lanky Kong: Match the sounds with Lanky in the back of the Llama's Temple.
  • Tiny Kong: Small is best for Tiny when she plays her tune near the four gongs.
  • Chunky Kong: Match the symbols and put the jugs on the podiums with Chunky near the start.

Frantic Factory

  • Donkey Kong: Donkey must climb up to the top floor if you want to bring the factory to life.
  • Diddy Kong: Cranky's Simian Spring will allow Diddy to leap to the top of the ABC blocks.
  • Lanky Kong: Lanky's OrangStand will get Chunky standing back on solid ground.
  • Tiny Kong: Cranky can help Tiny beat the giant springy box.
  • Chunky Kong: Test the strength of K. Rool gates with Chunky's Primate Punch.

Gloomy Galleon

  • Donkey Kong: After releasing the seal, you'll find him waiting for DK over by Candy.
  • Diddy Kong: When the ship comes in, climb aboard with Diddy and fire the cannon!
  • Lanky Kong: Jump through the star with Enguarde and the treasure trove opens!
  • Tiny Kong: Dive down to the submarine near Funky and see if Tiny can find a way inside.
  • Chunky Kong: Chunky doesn't need a key to open the chests below Cranky's Lab.

Fungi Forest

  • Donkey Kong: 21132 is a number that DK might find useful.
  • Diddy Kong: Take an aerial trip to the top of the giant mushroom with Diddy.
  • Lanky Kong: The banana colors will give Lanky a clue in one of his rooms at the top of the giant mushroom.
  • Tiny Kong: Tiny will need Chunky's help to enter the barn after dark.
  • Chunky Kong: Don't throw a coin in the well - throw Chunky in instead!

Crystal Caves

  • Donkey Kong: Match the pictures with DK in his cabin near Candy.
  • Diddy Kong: If Diddy can fly through the star, the ways in will be revealed.
  • Lanky Kong: Float to the top of the ice castle for a rematch with the sliding beetle.
  • Tiny Kong: Tiny will need the Monkeyport before she can get the banana under the igloo.
  • Chunky Kong: Chunky will have a smashing time with the ice walls.

Creepy Castle

  • Donkey Kong: Pull the levers bottom left, top right, and top left in reverse order to open the way for DK.
  • Diddy Kong: Exorcise the ballroom, then light the candles with Diddy.
  • Lanky Kong: Lanky will need Funky's last upgrade before he enters the top tower.
  • Tiny Kong: Get Tiny inside the ballroom, then Monkeyport into the museum.
  • Chunky Kong: If all else fails, get Chunky to punch it.


  • Tiny Kong's hint for Frantic Factory doesn't mention how to obtain a Golden Banana, but a Boss Key. However, in the pre-release version of the game, Mad Jack was meant to be a mini-boss fought by Tiny in the R&D Room of Frantic Factory. In the final version of the game, Mad Jack is the main boss of the level while the Toy Monster is the mini-boss fought by Chunky Kong in the R&D Room, meaning the hint was probably an oversight.