Buzzard (character)

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The Necky character, from Donkey Kong 64.
Species Necky
First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
“Ah, freedom... Thanks, Diddy! If you fancy a test of your flying skill, come and see me at the Jetbarrel Barrel.”
Buzzard, Donkey Kong 64

The Buzzard[1][2][3] is a friendly Buzzard who wears a racing helmet. It appears in Donkey Kong 64, where it is seen locked in a cage near Snide's HQ in Angry Aztec. After Diddy Kong frees the Buzzard from the cage by flying through the ring with his Jetbarrel on top of the giant statue three times, it decides to challenge him with a game; if Diddy manages to fly through all the rings it drops, the Buzzard will reward Diddy with a Golden Banana.


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