Busy Barrel Barrage

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Busy Barrel Barrage
Busy Barrel Barrage in the game Donkey Kong 64.
Several Kritters attempting to attack Chunky Kong
Appears in Donkey Kong 64
Time limit 45 seconds (Angry Aztec, Fungi Forest)
60 seconds (Crystal Caves)
“Survive the onslaught! Press B Button to shoot.”
In-game instructions

Busy Barrel Barrage is one of the Bonus Stages in Donkey Kong 64.


The active Kong (either Chunky Kong, Diddy Kong, or Donkey Kong depending on the level) stands in the center of a large barrel. Their objective is to survive the onslaught of Kritters and white-haired Kasplats within a time limit. They cannot move around the area.

The active Kong has their weapon out throughout the entire Bonus Stage, and must use it to shoot the incoming Kremlings. The Kong can use an indefinite amount of ammo until the end (though if the player has homing ammo, they cannot use normal ammo until all of their homing ammo is used). Each Kritter can be defeated after taking three hits from the Kong's weapon. When an enemy is defeated, another spawns in its place. Enemies appear in every direction, meaning that the Kong must shoot ammo in every direction.

If an enemy attacks the Kong, the player loses at the Bonus Stage. Like other Bonus Stages, if the player wins, the Kong is rewarded with a Golden Banana.

Busy Barrel Barrage is one of the Bonus Stages which cannot be played in Snide's H.Q. after the Kongs obtain the 40 blueprints.


Location Kong Time
Angry Aztec Chunky Kong 45 seconds
Fungi Forest Diddy Kong 45 seconds
Crystal Caves Donkey Kong 60 seconds

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バババーン・バレル!
Bababān bareru!
Bababang Barrel!