Rambi Arena

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Rambi Arena
Rambi Arena
Appears in Donkey Kong 64
Time limit 1 minute
“Hit the moving targets to increase your score!”
In-game instructions

Rambi Arena is a minigame from Donkey Kong 64. It can be accessed from the game's Mystery menu after capturing six Banana Fairies and entering a Rambi Crate in any file. The objective is to score as many points as possible in one minute by taking down Gnawties with Rambi. Regular Gnawties are worth 2 points, while golden ones are worth 10. If Rambi defeats multiple Gnawties in quick succession, the player will score combos, which double the amount of points scored for each Gnawty during the combo.

Rambi Arena has a high score listing which shows the five best scores achieved in the minigame.