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A Banana Fairy in Donkey Kong 64

Banana Fairies are characters in the Donkey Kong franchise video games. They are small, yellow fairies that live in the Banana Fairy Kingdom.

In the Banana Fairies' debut appearance in Donkey Kong 64, the fairies are scared off by the Kremlings. Once Tiny Kong meets their princess, she and all of the other Kongs are given a special camera and film to help recollect the scattered fairies. When a fairy is taken in a picture, it returns back to Banana Fairy Island, and refills all of the Kongs' things. Once all of them are collected, Tiny is given a special Golden Banana with a Rare, Ltd. logo on it. Two fairies are found in every level of the game, except DK Isles which has four.

A Banana Fairy in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast.

After a long absence from the Donkey Kong series, the fairies return in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. They are items that appear in red balloons, and they fly around the user for a short time. During this time, the fairy will attract Bananas to them, making the Banana Fairy a type of Banana magnet. It can also attract Item Balloons, but they cannot attract Golden Bananas. If they are used by a Kong, their effect will last a little longer.

Banana Fairy locations[edit]

DK Isles[edit]

Jungle Japes[edit]

  • Inside the cave opposite of the Mine Cart Ride's exit. Lanky Kong needs to go inside it and eliminate all the Zingers.
  • Inside the cave opposite of Lanky Kong's Kasplat, near a small body of water.

Angry Aztec[edit]

Frantic Factory[edit]

  • Inside the tunnel leading to Donkey Kong's number game in the Testing Room.
  • Outside Funky's Store, after Tiny Kong completes her shooting gallery game in the Testing Room.

Gloomy Galleon[edit]

  • Inside a treasure chest south of Cranky's Lab that Chunky Kong can break open with his Primate Punch.
  • Inside Tiny Kong's section of the sunken midsection of the ship.

Fungi Forest[edit]

  • Inside the barn with thin walkways, that only Diddy Kong can enter at night.
  • Inside a ?-box in the barn surrounded by bramble bushes. Only Donkey Kong can enter this barn during the night, and he can break open the box using the Simian Slam.

Crystal Caves[edit]

  • Inside Tiny Kong's section of the big igloo.
  • Inside the room of the big cabin were Diddy Kong needs to light up three candles using his Rocketbarrel Boost ability.

Creepy Castle[edit]

  • Inside the tree near the beginning of the level, after Donkey Kong has raised the water level three times by shooting targets with his Coconut Shooter.
  • After Tiny Kong enters the ballroom, she needs to use a Monkeyport Pad to teleport to the museum. Once there, she can find the Banana Fairy behind the small factory.

Hideout Helm[edit]

  • Both are found inside the room were the last Boss Key is located. The player only needs to take a picture of one of them in order to collect them.

Notable Banana Fairies[edit]