Temple Heights

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Temple Heights
Temple Heights
Appears in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast
Cup(s) Platinum Cup
Course map
DKBB TH map.png

Temple Heights is the fourth course of the Platinum Cup in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. It takes place around a temple floating in the sky, with some islands floating around it as well as waterfalls. It is filled with lots of barrels and turns, and it is the longest racetrack in the game.

Track description[edit]

The course starts with a very big U-turn to the left, with a waterfall and floating islands to the sides. A great amount of barrels are found here, but there are also a few Iron Barrels that are placed so the player doesn't get such an easy chance to get high Wild Move combos. After making the turn, the player will be on a downhill path that leads to the entrance of a tunnel. This path has less barrels and few Iron Barrels, a Launcher Barrel and a Surprise Panel that will summon a Golden Banana at the entrance of the tunnel. Once entering the tunnel, the player will go uphill inside it, with only a few barrels near its exit. A Launcher Barrel here will blast a player to the ceiling, letting them grab a Golden Banana. When exiting the tunnel, the player will be on another large U-turn that goes uphill and curves to the right. More barrels are found here, and Neckys may also swoop down from above and attack the player.

After reaching the top of the turn, the player will make another large turn to the right, around a stone statue of DK's head. On this path, there are a few Iron Barrels, many barrels, a Surprise Panel that spawns a Golden Banana, but more importantly, a pink laser beam. If the player drives past this beam, the DK statue will come to life and fire a laser beam from its eyes at the player that will electrocute them if it hits. The player can avoid waking up the statue by jumping over the pink laser beam. The Golden Banana from the Surprise Panel will spawn behind the pink laser beam, making it risky to pick it up. After driving past the DK statue, the player will make another, smaller U-turn to the left that leads to the entrance of the temple, and some barrels are found here with a few Iron Barrels and TNT Barrels. As the player enters the temple, during the first turn to the left, they will see three stone arms coming the ceiling that will punch the floor, and colliding with one of the arms will result in a loss of speed. After passing the arms the player will make two small and sharp U-turns, filled with barrels and TNT Barrels before reaching a small straightaway to the finish line.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese くうちゅうしんでん2
Kūchū Shinden Tsū
Sky Temple 2

German Wolkentempel
Cloud Temple
Italian Il Tempio tra le Nuvole
Cloud Temple