Scorching Canyon

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Scorching Canyon
Scorching Canyon
Appears in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast
Cup(s) Sapphire Cup
Course map
DKBB SC map.png

Scorching Canyon is the first course of the Sapphire Cup in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast and it is set in a desert-like area with camels and a mine. This course also has several barrels scattered among the roads. A tornado also rages through the later parts of the course and this is one of the two courses were the Giant Centipede is found, the other being Parched Palace.

Track description[edit]

Donkey Kong riding on a Minecart on the course's Bonus Area.

The player starts near a base camp with multiple tents and camels on the sides and must avoid barrels and iron barrels scattered among the road. After the turn to the right of the cliffside with Kong faces carved on them, more iron barrels are encountered near the stage's mine and the Surprise Panel on this part of the track will summon a Golden Banana to the right of a Zinger. After leaving the mine area, the player will reach a long road filled with multiple barrels and iron barrels. The tornado that blows through here will destroy the barrels it runs into and also scatter the bananas around it. If a player gets too close to it, they will be blown upwards and lose quite a bit of speed. After passing the tornado, the player should see two Surprise Panels. The one on the left will summon three barrels for players to run into, while the one on the right will summon a Golden Banana right before a ring of iron barrels. Once the Golden Banana is set on the track, the Giant Centipede will crawl out of the sand and attempt to eat it. After dodging the ring of iron barrels, four sets of two barrels can be seen right before the finish line. In the background of the aforementioned road, temples, camels, a Sphinx with DK's head and some palm trees are seen.


Right after dodging the first few barrels and iron barrels, the player should spot a Launcher Barrel they can jump into. Once the player jumps into it, they will be launched into the mouth of the stone statue of DK's head and enter a Minecart. Here, they can collect bananas by jumping with good timing. A single Flipflap is found here, but it can easily be defeated by jumping into it. When exiting the minecart after crashing into two barrels, the player will end up on the long road with the tornado and the Giant Centipede. The amount of bananas found inside the bonus area is 50.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese すなかぜのたに1
Sunakaze no Tani Wan
Sandy Wind Valley 1
German Glutcanyon Ember Canyon
Italian Canyon Torrido Hot Canyon