Dynamite Run

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Dynamite Run
Dynamite Run
Appears in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast
Cup(s) Platinum Cup
Course map
DKBB MDR map.png

Dynamite Run is the first course of the Platinum Cup in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. It takes place inside and outside a volcano. This is also the only course where it is possible to ride Rambi.

Track description[edit]

Tiny Kong riding Rambi through the course.

The course starts by entering a cave that leads to the volcano's interior. Inside is a long curving path that has barrels, Iron Barrels, Spiked Balls and stone walls that pushes in and out of the wall as obstacles. A Launcher Barrel is found near the exit of the volcano that will blast the player a bit farther on the track. After exiting the volcano, the player will come across two sharp turns that curves downwards. Here will flaming boulders fall from the sky and bounce on the ground, and slow down players it may hit. Barrels are also found in this area. After making the sharp turns, the player will come to a downhill path with two Launcher Barrels above it. These will blast a player farther on the track. It is here were Rambi is found, and he will destroy all the barrels, Iron Barrels and boulders he runs into without slowing down.

After the mountain area ends, the player will scale a lavafall and there are a few barrels near its top. Afterwards, there will be a straightaway above the volcano's crater filled with barrels, Launcher Barrels as well as a single Golden Banana. Afterwards, the player will race down a lava river filled with barrels, TNT Barrels and Iron Barrels. Near the end of the river is a large turn to the right that is filled with barrels, TNT Barrels and Big Frogs that breathe fire. After driving past the last Big Frog, the player will encounter some more barrels and TNT Barrels before reaching the finish line.


  • Big Frog (Red variants)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダイナマイトマウンテン3
Dainamaito Maunten Tsurī
Dynamite Mountain 3
German Dynamitberg Extrem Dynamite Mountain Extreme
Italian Corsa Esplosiva Explosive Course