Alpine Peak

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Alpine Peak
Alpine Peak
Appears in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast
Cup(s) Platinum Cup
Course map
DKBB AP map.png

Alpine Peak is the third course of the Platinum Cup in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. It is set around a snowy mountain where woolly mammoths, blue whales, igloos and a hot spring can be seen. Many Hurleys are found in the background on this course. Some are seen on the igloos and the hot spring and a few are seen climbing the mountain as well as skiing down it.

Track description[edit]

The course starts on a straightaway filled with bananas above a canyon with igloos on the sides that leads into a few trees. The trees will slow down a player who collides into them, and they are also surrounded by barrels. After the trees is another straight path with icebergs and wolly mammoths on the sides. Barrels, iron barrels and snowmen are obstacles found here, and a Launcher Barrel can be used to skip some of them. After the last snowman, the player will enter a lake and make a large U-turn to the right. Four barrels and two iron barrels are found here, as well as some bananas. After exiting the lake, the player will see a !-panel behind a few iron barrels, and it will summon three barrels when activated. The player will now scale the mountain on a long straight path, and has two paths to choose around it.

The first is to the right after reaching the peak. Here the player will find two barrels surrounded by many iron barrels, before racing down the skiing area. The second path is reached by activating a second !-panel behind two iron barrels near the peak. This will summon a Launcher Barrel that blasts the player to the left side of the mountain's peak. The player will make a turn to the right and will spot another Launcher Barrel that will blast them into a Golden Banana and a Style Barrel. If the player skipped/missed the Launcher Barrel, they can continue driving around the peak and find another Launcher that launches them into another Launcher Barrel and a Golden Banana. A player can also skip this barrel and continue driving normally to the downhill skiing area. This area is zig-zagged and is filled with many barrels and some iron barrels. After reaching the bottom of the mountain, the player makes another large U-turn to the right before reaching the hotspring, were more iron barrels are found. After passing the hotspring, a few more iron barrels and three barrels are found before reaching a straightaway to the finish line.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese きたかぜひょうげん2
Kitakaze Hyōgen Tsū
North Wind Icefield 2

German Tiefschneegipfel
Deep Snow Summit
Italian Picco Nevoso
Snowy Peak