Cranky's Temple

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Cranky's Temple
Cranky's Temple
Appears in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast
Cup(s) Diamond Cup
Course map
DKBB CT map.png

Cranky's Temple is the fourth and final race course of the Diamond Cup in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. It is a temple owned by Cranky Kong floating high in the sky and is surrounded by many floating islands, some of them with waterfalls. This course has many sharp turns and obstacles.

Track description[edit]

As the race starts, the player will notice some barrels just before a small turn to the right followed by a weak turn to the left. Then the player will make a sharp U-turn to the right followed by a sharp U-turn to the left. Here is were the obstacles start to appear. First there are some barrels, followed by two Zingers. Behind them after a weak turn to the left are even more barrels, with one set of barrels having a pyramid of Banana Bunches next to it. After a long, weak U-turn to the right, the player will encounter a straightaway filled with many barrel-shooting Barrel Cannons and Iron Barrels. After passing the Iron Barrels, more barrels and Iron Barrels start to appear, and Neckys may also attack the player from above. After passing the Neckys, the player has the option of taking two paths into two separate tunnels that leads to the same exit.

The first path is straight ahead of were the player currently is, and it is filled with both Iron Barrels and pink bubbles, which players can jump on to reach bananas near the ceiling. This is followed by a sharp U-turn to the left and a sharp turn to the right before exiting the tunnel. In order to take the second path, before entering the first path of the tunnel, the player should see a Launcher Barrel that they can jump into. The Barrel will blast the player downwards to the right and they will enter the second tunnel. This path of the tunnel have barrels in them that the player can use Wild Moves on and this path is shorter than the other one. After exiting the tunnel, the player is on an uphill zig-zagging path filled with many barrels, and a few Iron Barrels. After reaching the top, they will reach a U-turn to the right. This path is filled with barrels, Iron Barrels, TNT Barrels and a pink bubble. After making the turn, the player be on a straightaway to the finish line and will see some barrels behind a !-panel. If they touch this panel, they will summon three more barrels up ahead. Neckys can also attack players here.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese くうちゅうしんでん1
Kūchū Shinden Wan
Sky Temple 1

German Crankys Tempel
Cranky's Temple
Italian Il Tempio di Cranky
Cranky's Temple