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A red balloon and a blue balloon

A balloon is an object in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. Balloons, when touched, grant the racers with items to attack their opponents or improve the racers' performance. Many balloons appear in every course in the game. When touched, the balloons break and disappear for a short amount of time, but appear soon after for another player to grab. There are two types of balloons: red balloons and blue balloons. The effects of a red balloons are boosted by Kongs, while the effects of a blue balloon are boosted by Kremlings.

These balloons can be seen as a spiritual successor to the Weapon Balloons from Diddy Kong Racing. They may also be based on the Extra Life Balloons from the Donkey Kong Country series.


Descriptions from the manual.[1]

Red balloon
Image Name Description
DKBBPropMonkey.png Prop Monkey Hops on the opponent in front of you and tosses out their bananas. (Boost: The effect will last longer.)
DKBBSquawks.png Squawks Hops on the opponent in front of you and prevents them from using Wild Moves. (Boost: The effect will last longer.)
DKBBQuawks.png Quawks Attacks the player in first place and slows him or her down. (Boost: Also makes the player drop all bananas.)
DKBB BananaFairy.png Banana Fairy Allows you to pick up bananas in a wide range. (Boost: The effect will last longer.)
DKBB BlazeBanana.png Blazing Banana Places flaming bananas around the course. Players who hit them will slow down. (Boost: Throws out extra Blazing Bananas.)
DKBBMelon.png Tasty Melon Makes you invincible for a short time. (Boost: The effect will last longer.
DKBBCrystalCoconut.png Crystal Coconut Makes you invincible and grants you unlimited Wild Moves.
DKBB BananaBunch.png Banana Bunch Gives you 30 bananas.
Blue balloon
Image Name Description
DKBBMiniNecky.png Mini-Necky Chases and attacks the character behind you. (Boost: The targeted character will lose one Wild Move.)
DKBBWhirlwind.png Whirlwind Takes bananas from all the other characters. (Boost: Takes more bananas.)
DKBB BackwardBarrel.png Backward Barrel Gives you a barrel to throw at a character behind you. (Boost: The barrel will become a TNT Barrel (p. 20)).
DKBBMiniZinger.png Mini-Zinger Drops a swarm of Mini-Zingers on the course. Any character who touches them will slow down and must get rid of them by shaking the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. (Boost: The effect will last longer.)
DKBBPineappleLauncher.png Pineapple Launcher Attacks the character in front of you with a pineapple. (Boost: Two pineapples will be launched.)
DKBBWildElixir.png Wild Elixir Gives you an extra Wild Move. (Boost: Gives you two Wild Moves.)
DKBBMegaTNT.png Mega TNT Barrel Launches powerful TNT Barrels at all other racers. Struck racers will lose their Wild Moves and slow down. In addition, their right and left directions might get reversed.
DKBB BananaBunch.png Banana Bunch Gives you 30 bananas.


  • In early versions, the red balloon had a "DK" emblem on it. In addition, a green balloon has artwork instead of a blue balloon.


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