Mt. Dynamite

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Mt. Dynamite
Appears in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast
Cup(s) Topaz Cup
Course map
DKBB MD map.png

Mt. Dynamite is the first track of the Mt. Dynamite courses in the game Donkey Kong Barrel Blast; this track takes place inside a volcano.

Track description[edit]

The race starts out at the base of the volcano. Players race over volcanic rock and lava collecting the bananas that are scattered over the track. Heading into the volcano, there is a Launcher Barrel that will shoot the player forward into the cave, where there are more bananas and a couple of Flipflaps that can be easily taken down. Inside the volcano, there is a "!" panel that will drop barrels onto the track ahead. Just beyond the panel, there is a crater where volcanic rocks will drop and hurt the player if they run into them. Once past that, the will be two maces that move up and down. They will slow the player down if run into. The track goes out through another cave where there are several TNT Barrels before the player has to race alongside the side of the volcano. There are more craters where hot rocks will fall and hit whoever is unlucky enough to be under them when they fall.

The track goes back inside the volcano, where they player has to option to continue on the track they are on or get in a Launcher Barrel that is on the left side of the track. The player must shake the Wii Remote at the right time to get into either one of two tracks, one being a lower track with several dangerous items, such as maces, Iron Barrels, and flaming bananas. The second track is a higher track where the player can get many bananas. If the player does not make the Launcher Barrel, they race down the volcano. There is a Flipflap that can be attacked, and there are many bananas and barrels. There is also a Launcher Barrel that the player can jump into to get them to the bottom faster. At the base of the slope is a Golden Banana surrounded by two Iron Barrels on either side. The player flies through another cave to get to the finish line.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダイナマイトマウンテン1
Dainamaito Maunten Wan
Dynamite Mountain 1
German Dynamitberg Dynamite Mountain
Italian Monte Dinamite Mt. Dynamite