Cosmic Highway

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Cosmic Highway
Cosmic Highway.png
Appearance(s) Donkey Kong Barrel Blast
Cup(s) it appears in Platinum Cup
Course map
DKBB CH map.png

Cosmic Highway is the fifth and final race course of the Platinum Cup in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. The course is set in outer space, and the Earth, the Sun, many giant Rocket Barrel spaceships and some asteroids are seen in the background. This course is the only course in the game where the Cyber Kong enemies are found. The various asteroids found on this course cannot be destroyed, even if a player is invincible.

Track description[edit]

Wrinkly Kong approaching the giant Cyber Kong.

The race starts on a downhill path with a few barrels and TNT barrels as well as two asteroids before reaching the entrance to a wormhole. The inside of the wormhole is a straight path with bananas and Item Balloons inside it. When exiting the wormhole, the player will be on a path that curves slightly downwards and then sharply upwards to the left to another wormhole. This path is filled with a few barrels, iron barrels, TNT barrels and one Launcher Barrel. Big chunks of ice are also seen floating around on the sides, but they will not interfere with the racers. The second wormhole is also filled with bananas and Item Balloons.

After exiting the second wormhole, the player will be on another downhill path filled with a fleet of Rocket Barrels that will try to hit racers with homing missiles, that curves sharply to the left before going upwards again. It will then curve to the right before going inside a tunnel of a Rocket Barrel spaceship. This path is also filled with barrels, iron barrels and TNT barrels and one Launcher Barrel, but it also has two asteroids and a few Cyber Kongs. When entering the spaceship, the player will first go slightly downhill before going very steeply upwards to the left before making a small turn to the right. The player will be on a straightaway were they face the giant Cyber Kong, who will attack the player with multiple laser beams and homing missiles which slows down those hit. The player must make either a left or right-hand turn around the Cyber Kong, but must also avoid coming into contact with it's arms, as they will also slow them down. Aside from the giant Cyber Kong, many barrels, iron barrels and TNT barrels are found here. After exiting the Rocket Barrel spaceship, the player will make a turn to the left that leads to the third and final wormhole. This wormhole has bananas and two iron barrels inside it. After exiting the wormhole, the player will now be on a steep downhill path that almost reaches the earth's atmosphere, before going slightly to the left on a steep path to the finish line. Some barrels and iron barrels are found here, as well as one Surprise Panel. Touching it will summon two more barrels before the finish line.



  • This track has a few similarities to the various iterations of Rainbow Road from the Mario Kart series; both are tracks set in space, both are the final original track in the Grand Prix modes of their respective games (excluding any DLC), and both seem to have a longer distance than most other tracks in their respective games.
  • Part of this track's music is an arrangement of Cranky's Theme from Donkey Kong Country, which in turn is an arrangement of the title theme from the NES version of Donkey Kong.