Parched Palace

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Parched Palace
Parched Palace
Appears in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast
Cup(s) Diamond Cup
Course map
DKBB PP map.png

Parched Palace is the third course of the Diamond Cup in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast and it is set in a desert with camels, some ruins, two small mine shafts, an oasis and a palace. This course has many barrels scattered around it. On this course, two tornados rage through the later part of the course instead of one, and the Giant Centipede is also found here.

Track description[edit]

The player starts near a base camp with multiple tents and camels, and should immediately notice three rows of iron barrels that the player may either jump over or drive around. Before the player enters the first mine shaft inside the mouth of the DK statue's head, two iron barrels, two TNT barrels and five regular barrels block the players path. Once in the mine shaft, the players see three more iron barrels before entering the first long road with the oasis and the palace. When exiting the mine shaft, the player will see several sets of barrels that are aligned so the player can get a high Wild Move combo count, but they still need to be careful as some iron barrels are also found here, as well as a single Launcher Barrel that blasts a player past some of the barrels. Once passing two pillars and before the entrance to the ruins, the player will see a !-panel in front of a pillar that blocks the road. The pillar needs to be jumped over, and the !-panel will summon four barrels at the entrance.

Once inside, the player can see another !-panel, but touching this is not recommended, as two TNT barrels will spawn right in front of the player. Two mummies are also seen here walking back and forth on the sides but they won't interfere with racers in any way. The player will now enter the second mine shaft were two more iron barrels are seen at the midpoint of it, and two more iron barrels as well as four barrels near the exit. Once exiting the mine shaft, the player is now on the second long road. Just like the road before, many sets of barrels are aligned for potentially high Wild Move combos, but not only are even more iron barrels here, but also two tornadoes. After driving past those, another !-panel is seen before a row of iron barrels. This will spawn a Golden Banana that the Giant Centipede will try to eat. Once getting past the iron barrels and possibly the centipede, some more sets of barrels and iron barrels are seen again before approaching the finish line. Just like Scorching Canyon the background on this road feature temples, camels, a Sphinx with DK's head and some palm trees.


  • Giant Centipede

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese すなかぜのたに2
Sunakaze no Tani Tsū
Sandy Wind Valley 2
German Dünenpalast Dune Palace
Italian Palazzo Miraggio Mirage Palace