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Artwork of a Mini-Necky from DK: King of Swing
Artwork of a Mini-Necky from DK: King of Swing
First appearance Donkey Kong Country (1994)
Latest appearance DK: Jungle Climber (2007)
Variant of Necky
Notable members
Kreepy Krow
Not to be confused with Necky.
“Necky's little buddy spits coconuts!”
Donkey Kong Country manual, page 29

Mini-Neckies are a smaller variant of Neckies and recurring enemies in the Donkey Kong franchise. They first appear in Donkey Kong Country, but have since appeared in more games than Neckies.


Donkey Kong Country[edit]

A Mini-Necky spits a coconut in the Kongs' direction in the Game Boy Advance remake

In Donkey Kong Country, Mini-Neckies (named Necky Jnr, pluralized Necky Jnr's, on one occasion[1]) attack Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong by spitting out coconuts, which move horizontally in the Kongs' direction. Some Mini-Neckies move up and down while spitting out coconuts. The Kongs can defeat a Mini-Necky in the same way as a Necky: either by jumping on them or by hitting them with a barrel. However, if the barrel hits one of Mini-Necky's coconuts, it breaks. Mini-Neckies appear in four levels: Vulture Culture, Ice Age Alley, Trick Track Trek, and Elevator Antics.

In the Game Boy Color version, Mini-Neckies appear in two more levels: Winky's Walkway and Necky Nutmare, which respectively make up their first and last level appearances. Mini-Neckies and their larger counterpart, Necky are the main enemies in Vulture Culture and Necky Nutmare.

In the Game Boy Advance version, Donkey Kong can obtain the photograph of Mini-Necky by performing a Hand Slap in the center of the boss level, Necky's Nuts.

Donkey Kong Land[edit]

Mini-Neckies make another appearance in Donkey Kong Land where they have the same role as in Donkey Kong Country. They also appear in four levels: Deck Trek, Landslide Leap, Kong Krazy, and Fast Barrel Blast.

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest[edit]

Two Mini-Neckies swoop at the Kongs in Mudhole Marsh, a level in Donkey Kong Country 2

Mini-Neckies also appear as enemies in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. Aside from Zingers, Mini-Neckies are the only enemies that return from Donkey Kong Country. To correspond to the game's pirate theme, Mini-Neckies wear red polka-dotted bandannas on their heads. They appear slightly larger than in Donkey Kong Country.

Unlike Zingers, Mini-Neckies act different than in Donkey Kong Country. When a Mini-Necky notices Diddy and Dixie Kong, it swoops down, attempting to hit them. They also have a deeper voice than in the previous game.

The game also features a large Mini-Necky boss, Krow, who is later fought as Kreepy Krow. The latter's identically titled boss level features several ghostly Mini-Neckies which swoop at the Kongs individually; only one of them is normal, and the Kongs must jump on that one to make a barrel appear. The Kongs can throw the barrel at Kreepy Krow to attack him.

During the ending's Cast of Characters, a Mini-Necky appears under the Lazy Landlubbers category.

Mini-Neckies appear in many levels, more than in Donkey Kong Country:

Donkey Kong Land 2[edit]

In Donkey Kong Land 2, they are named Neckies,[2][3] and retain their behavior from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. They only appear in two levels, Kannon's Klaim and Mudhole Marsh. Krow and his undead alias, Kreepy Krow, also return as bosses. Neckies also appear in the game's Kreepy Krow battle with the same role as before. Because of the Game Boy color's monochromatic palette, regular Neckies cannot be distinguished from their ghostly variant.

During the ending, a Necky appears in "The Baddies" category.

DK: King of Swing / DK: Jungle Climber[edit]

Mini-Neckies reappear in DK: King of Swing and its sequel, DK: Jungle Climber. Their feathers were changed from black to blue in both. In these games, Mini-Neckies attack by spitting coconuts at Donkey Kong or charging at him, as in Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country 2, respectively. In DK: King of Swing, Mini-Neckies first appear in Necky's Canyon while in DK: Jungle Climber, they first appear in Cliffy Peak.

Donkey Kong Barrel Blast[edit]

Mini-Neckies appear as blue balloon items in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. When used by a racer, the Mini-Necky homes in on the nearest opponent behind the racer and rams into them. This results in the opponent losing ten bananas. If a Kremling uses a Mini-Necky, the opponent also loses a Wild Move.






Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミニネッキー
Mini Nekkī
Mini Necky

Spanish Mini-Necky -


  • In the original version of Donkey Kong Country, there are unused frames of a perched Mini-Necky throwing a coconut, similar to the perched Neckies.[4]


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