Klobber Karnage (Donkey Kong Land 2)

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Klobber Karnage
Klobber Karnage
Level code 7 - 4
World Lost World
Game Donkey Kong Land 2
Music track Stickerbush Symphony
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Klobber Karnage is the thirty-eighth level of Donkey Kong Land 2. It is also the fourth area of the Lost World, and it is located at the base of the mountain that contains the Krocodile Kore, as seen on the map.

Klobber Karnage is one of six levels in the Japanese version of Donkey Kong Land 2 whose name differs from its Donkey Kong Country 2 counterpart. While this level is known as Klobber Rampage in Japan, its Donkey Kong Country 2 counterpart translates to Croc Jungle. Three other levels share this distinction: Krockhead Klamber, Screech's Sprint, and Animal Antics. This is in addition to Krazy Koaster and Dungeon Danger, which differ in both the English and Japanese versions from their Donkey Kong Country 2 counterparts.


As the name suggests, Klobber Karnage features many Klobbers, and some areas in the level have three of them. Klobbers try to knock Diddy and Dixie into an enemy or a hazard. The Kongs can find several TNT Barrels in the level. In some parts of the level, the game experiences slowdown because of many enemies appearing on-screen at once.

Similar to Jungle Jinx, Klobber Karnage has Stickerbush Symphony as its background music even though it is not a bramble level. There are a few portions of the level where the Kongs must blast between many Barrel Cannons to get across gaps in the level, akin to the level Bramble Blast.


Klobber Karnage (Donkey Kong Land 2)
Diddy throws a barrel at a Zinger

To begin the level, the Kongs must walk east along the path. They will come across an abyss to jump over, as well as a Klobber next to a TNT Barrel. They should defeat the Klobber, and throw the TNT Barrel at a nearby Spiny on a small platform. The monkeys will have to continue through the level from there, and use another Klobber to defeat a Spiny, who will be found occupying a tiny and thin platform. Once they pass this area, they must jump up a small ledge and dodge a few enemies. Then, they will have to drop down a few ledges and beat a few more foes, including the high-bouncing enemies, Kaboings. After this part, they will need to hop up some more ledges and keep away from the nearby Klobbers, who will try to knock them off the ledge. From there, they will have to travel a little farther and come up to a large abyss. Using the aid of a few barrels, they must shoot their way to the other end of the gap. Once they hit ground, they monkeys must hop over three rather wide abysses and reach the Star Barrel afterwards.

At this point, the heroes will have to continue traveling east and walk across a more flattened area, while defeating several enemies. Once they climb up and drop down a few ledges, they must bounce off a Flitter to access another barrel. With it, they must shoot across a wide abyss and use the banana trails to lead them. Once back on land, they will need to keep walking along the path and watch out for more Klobbers. Soon, they will have to jump into another barrel and make their way across a large gap. After they make it across this abyss, they must cross a smaller abyss, followed by yet another abyss. This gap is too large to pass with a normal jump, so the barrels will have to be used again. When they get to the end of this gap, the group will need to drop down a few more ledges and beat some more Klobbers. Finally, they will find the end of the level, and be able to exit after hitting a nearby spring.



KONG Letters[edit]

  • K: Above an abyss near the second Spiny encountered in the level.
  • O: Found after three consecutive Klobbers on a plateau.
  • N: Obtained during a barrel blasting segment.
  • G: Past the Bonus Barrel and some barrel blasting, the "G" is obtained by jumping off of a Flitter.

Bonus Level[edit]

Image Type and description
Collect the Stars!
The Bonus Barrel is in plain sight during a barrel blasting segment near the end of the level. To enter the Bonus Barrel, the Kongs must enter a Barrel Cannon that moves up and down and then down into the Bonus Barrel. In the Bonus Level, the Kongs have 20 seconds to collect 10 stars while blasting from Barrel Cannons over an abyss. After Diddy or Dixie collect every star, the Video Game Hero Coin appears.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クロバーおおあばれ
Kurobā Ōabare
Klobber Rampage