Mudhole Marsh (Donkey Kong Land 2)

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Mudhole Marsh
Mudhole Marsh
Level code 3 - 6
World Krazy Kremland
Game Donkey Kong Land 2
Music track Bayou Boogie
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Mudhole Marsh is the twenty-first level of Donkey Kong Land 2 and the sixth level in Krazy Kremland. It takes place in a swamp where Diddy and Dixie can get across the pits jumping from lily pads and debris, climbing cattail plants, and bouncing off of Flitters and Neckys. About halfway through the level are Krockhead Barrels, which can temporarily raise Krockheads from the swamp, much like in Krockhead Klamber.


Mudhole Marsh
Diddy Kong stands under the first DK Barrel in the level.

The level starts out on a platform supported over the water. Many Flitters fly towards the primates as they move along the short platform. An area of water follows this platform. By using a half-sunken barrel, a lily pad, and a vine, the Kongs can cross it and reach a longer bridge platform with a DK Barrel on it. Another section of water is after this platform, and it must be crossed by using lily pads and barrels as platforms. Hooks found above these objects can also be used to cross. The letter K can be found in a lower part of the area. Once the second water area is crossed, the heroes make their way onto another bridge platform, which is raised over the liquid. Two Click-Clacks and a treasure chest containing a Banana Coin stand on it. The third area of water is near here. As the primates use a barrel and a lily pad to begin crossing, Neckys attack them.

After the first mob of Neckys, they find a Flitter flying ahead that they must bounce on to reach a lily pad placed nearby. After the heroes travel along more lily pads in this area, they reach a large gap between a lily pad and a barrel platform. They must bounce on two Flitters located between the gap to cross it. Once the gap is crossed, the Kongs can find a vine near them with a Klinger sliding on it. A bridge platform raised above the water is ahead of the vine, and it has a DK Barrel and a Klobber on it. There is another section of water following this platform. As they cross this by jumping along many small lily pads and bouncing off of Flitters, groups of Neckys attack them. They can discover a group of bananas that form an arrow pointing up at a hidden Bonus Barrel in this area. Near the end of this water area, the heroes can find a few Flitters floating in the air. They can bounce on them to reach the letter O, which floats above a platform raised over the water. The Star Barrel waits on it.

There is another area of water immediately after the Star Barrel. They must cross the beginning of it by clinging onto several vines, most of which have Klingers on them. As they approach the end of the swamp area, they find more lily pads and barrel platforms to cross with. As they travel through this area, Neckys dive at them. A Zinger also stands in their way. Just before reaching solid ground again, the primates encounter a large gap with Flitters above it. They can cross it by bouncing on the enemies. Once they get over the water, they land on a long platform suspended over the liquid. Two Klobbers and a DK Barrel are on it. A Necky is also at the end of it. There is an area of water after this foe that must be crossed by jumping along half-sunken barrels, lily pads, and Krockheads, who only appear when a Krockhead Barrel is hit. A Flitter can also help them as they travel forward. Near the end of the water area, a Zinger stands in their way. If they manage to make their way ahead of it, they can make it onto a raised bridge platform with a kannonball on it. There is a second Krockhead Barrel near here that can summon two Krockheads to appear in a water area just ahead.

Another raised platform is on the other side of this gap with a Flitter around it. There is another water area ahead. Using Krockheads, lily pads, and half-sunken barrels, the heroes must make their way across the liquid and onto another solid platform suspended over the water which has a kannon leading to a Bonus Level on it. A Zinger impends in their progress as they travel. If the primates travel farther into the level, the come up to the next section of water, which they can cross by bouncing on a single Flitter and by hopping along a barrel. Another raised platform is after here with a Klomp on it. A water area is also ahead of here, which must be crossed by using lily pads and half-sunken barrels as platforms. Neckys attack the heroes as the travel here. Farther into the area, they encounter many Flitters, whom they must bounce on to cross a gap. Upon landing on a barrel platform after the last Flitter here, they hit into a Krockhead Barrel that makes several Krockheads appear ahead. Flitters are between some of the crocodiles to help the Kongs cross gaps between them. Once this area is crossed, they make their way onto a raised platform with a spring on it. The letter G is located right after it. The level is completed when they bounce on the spring.


Items and objects[edit]

The following items and objects appear in the following quantities:

KONG Letters[edit]

  • K: In between two low flying Flitters to the right of the first DK Barrel. The Kongs can reach it by performing a roll jump.
  • O: Just before the Star Barrel, the Kongs must bounce on many Flitters to get across the swampy water. After bouncing from the last Flitter, the Kongs reach the letter O, which is above a trail of bananas leading onto the platform with the Star Barrel.
  • N: After the Kongs activate the first Krockhead Barrel, they can collect the letter N over the first Krockhead.
  • G: To the right of the End of Level Target.

Cranky's Video Game Hero Coin[edit]

After completing the second Bonus Level, the Kongs are sent directly to the Video Game Hero Coin in the main level.

Bonus Levels[edit]

Mudhole Marsh
The first Bonus Level of Mudhole Marsh

Mudhole Marsh has two Bonus Levels, listed by type:

  • Collect the Stars!: Shortly before the Star Barrel in an area with many Neckys, the Kongs can find a group of bananas in the shape of an up arrow. They must bounce on the Neckys nearby to go over the arrow and land in a hidden Bonus Barrel. In the Bonus Level, the Kongs have 20 seconds to collect five stars. Each star is placed between two cattail plants, which the Kongs must jump between to reach each star. After the Kongs collect every star, a Kremkoin appears at the end.
  • Find the Token!: A kannonball is shortly after the first Krockhead Barrel. The Kongs must carry the kannonball across the swamp until they reach the kannon. They must load the kannonball into the kannon, which then blasts them up to the second Bonus Level. There, Diddy or Dixie have 20 seconds to cross a wide swamp pit and obtain the Kremkoin on the other side. The Kongs must jump on Flitters, jump from cattails, and avoid Zingers along the way.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドロドロみどろがぬま
Dorodoro Midoro ga Numa
Muddied Swamp