Windy Well (Donkey Kong Land 2)

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Windy Well
Windy Well DKL2.png
World-Level 5 - 2
World K. Rool's Keep
Game Donkey Kong Land 2
Music Hot Head Bop
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Windy Well is the twenty-ninth level of Donkey Kong Land 2. It is also the second area of K. Rool's Keep, the fifth world of the game.

The said level takes place in the last mineshaft area from the game. It involves strong vertical wind that blows the Kongs up the level. Although the wind is necessary to progress through the level, the player cannot face against it, and may sometimes miss some bonuses or end up hitting an obstacle. However, he or she can slow or speed up the movement of the heroes in air by pressing the down or up buttons on the +Control Pad pad, respectively. The level is well populated by Zingers, as well as a few Neeks and Spinies.

Level layout[edit]

At the beginning of this mine shaft level, the Kongs must jump up to the platform to the right and jump again. The wind will suddenly begin to pull them upwards. When they land on the platform above, they must hop to a few more platforms and jump again. This time, they will be lifted into an area filled with a few Zingers. They should carefully maneuver around the wasps and get to the next platform, then grab onto a hook nearby. When they jump off of the hook, the wind will pick them up again and drag them farther up the shaft. After they get around the several Zingers in the air, the monkeys must climb up a few more platforms, while beating some Neeks.

Soon, the wind will pull them upwards again, and they will need to watch out for even more Zingers. Once at the next platform, the heroes must climb a little higher and jump to catch a gust of wind. This wind won't take them very far upwards, but it can help them get over a large gap to the left. As they travel, though, there are a few Zingers in their path that they will have to slip under. After that, they should cling onto some hooks and make their way to a higher are, where they will need to lift off and wind-travel to the right, where they will grab onto another hook. Once the Kongs jump off of this hook, they will be lifted up at a far distance through the air. Many Zingers are swarming through the area, too, and they will stop at nothing to beat the heroes. Eventually, the monkeys will stop at a platform and be able to break open the Star Barrel.

From there, the group will have to jump and be dragged by the wind to another area. Here, they must jump up a few other platforms and watch out for a few enemies, including a lone Kannon. The must then lift off to a few higher platforms and dodge several Zingers on the way. Soon, they will be at a long platform, where they must grab onto a hook and leap off to be pulled upward by the wind again. The heroes must travel east through the air and sneak under a Zinger to get to the next platform, which has another hook that will need to be jumped off of to catch the wind. This time, the wind will again, not take them too far upwards. Therefore, the monkeys must get under a lone Zinger, and finally get on a nearby platform. They should hop up the platforms above this and follow a banana trail to the last platform of that area, where they will have to life off into the air again.

The monkeys will have to avoid some more Zingers as they go up, until they get to the letter N, and the wind lets them go. At this point, the group must make their way up a few platforms to get to a hook. When they jump off of this, the wind will pick them up again, and lead them into a Zinger-filled area. They will have to maneuver around all of them, until finally ascending to the very top platform of the level. Here, they will see a spring, and it will let them exit the level with hit.


Bonus Level(s)[edit]

  • After the Kongs are lifted to the area by the third gust of wind, they will see a lone banana floating to the right of the platform they are on. They should walk up to it and fall off the platform, then continue right to find the hidden Bonus Barrel. In it's Bonus Level, the monkeys must use three barrels to shoot themselves up to many stars. When all the stars are collected, the Kremkoin will appear.

DK Coin[edit]

  • Once the Kongs pass the Star Barrel, they must jump up and be pulled to the next platform by the strong winds. From here, they should jump up a few long platforms to the left. On the second platform up, they will find a Spiny, as well as the DK Coin.