Krazy Koaster

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Krazy Koaster
Krazy Koaster.png
World-Level 4 - 2
World Gloomy Gulch
Game Donkey Kong Land 2
Music Disco Train
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Krazy Koaster is the twenty-fourth level of Donkey Kong Land 2 and the second stage of Gloomy Gulch. It replaces the stage Haunted Hall from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, likely due to system limitations in the Game Boy.

This level is the third and final roller-coaster level of the game. Unlike its predecessor, Krazy Koaster is a more generic stage, with no unique obstacles or hazards. The main obstacle is the level's enemies and many gaps. Zingers populate most of the level, but Flitters also make a brief appearance around abysses and such.

Level layout[edit]

At the beginning of the level, the Kongs find themselves on a solid, wooden platform with a track in front of it. A Roller Coaster is on the track. When the primates get on it, it begins to move, pulling them down two hills. A gap with the first DK Barrel above it is between the two hills. A hill leading upwards is ahead with a Zinger floating at the beginning of it. Another Zinger is at the top of the hill, who is followed by a steep hill that takes the Kongs downwards. A hidden track is also in the air nearby that can be jumped on the access a Bonus Barrel. As the primates continue down the main track, a third Zinger stands in their way. The letter K is above it. The Kongs make their way up a hill after this, with a small gap at the top of it. Two more gaps are ahead, with the second of the gaps being wider than the latter. After the Kongs ride up a hill after the second gap, they find the edge of the track. A gap is ahead of it. They must jump at the edge and land on another track found in a lower area to survive. Once they get on this track, the Roller Coaster rolls them down a hill towards a Zinger with the letter O above it. A large hill follows here, and a gap is after it. A Zinger also stands in the Kongs' way as they continue after this abyss. After jumping over four more small gaps, which all have a higher track after them, the heroes approach a Star Barrel.

Once the Kongs ride over a hill following the barrel and cross a gap with a Flitter, they approach a Zinger and a small abyss. There is a second Zinger right after here with the letter N above its head. The Roller Coaster leads the heroes over another large hill after this. A gap is at the bottom of the hill, with a Zinger located right after it. Another Zinger flies nearby higher in the air. After passing two more gaps found ahead, the Kongs ride towards the letter G, which is immediately followed by another abyss. A hill stands after this. There is a small gap in the middle of the hill with a Zinger right after it. Once the heroes ride down the hill, they come past another gap and travel up a hill with a wooden platform at the end of it. A sign the makes the Roller Coaster disappear when passed is on this platform, along with a spring. The level is completed when the primates bounce on the object.



The letter K

DK Coin[edit]

  • Shortly after the group passes the letter N, they should see another separate track. They must jump on it and continue to a Zinger. Once they pass this foe, they reach the hidden DK Coin.

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

  • K: The letter K is in front of the third Zinger in the level found under the track with the Bonus Barrel on it.
  • O: The Kongs can find the letter O above the second-to-last Zinger before the Star Barrel.
  • N: The letter N is next to the second Zinger from the Star Barrel.
  • G: The letter G is located just before the third-to-last gap in the level.

Bonus Level[edit]

The bonus level
  • Right after the second Zinger, the heroes should see a separate track hanging in the air. They must jump on it and ride along the area. It leads to a Bonus Barrel, taking the Kongs to a Bonus Level where they must ride on their Roller Coaster across a track with stars scattered around it. They must collect a fifteen of the stars to make the Kremkoin appear.