Clapper's Cavern (Donkey Kong Land 2)

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Clapper's Cavern
Clapper's Cavern DKL2.png
World-Level 5 - 4
World K. Rool's Keep
Game Donkey Kong Land 2
Music In a Snow-bound Land
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Clapper's Cavern is the thirty-first level of Donkey Kong Land 2, and also the fourth area of K. Rool's Keep.

This is the second ice cavern level of the game. It is very similar to another level in the same game, Slime Climb, as it features a large amount of liquid (most presumably, very cold water) that hurts the Kongs in one touch. This feature replaces the menacing, undefeated Snapjaw that swam in this level's SNES counterpart; however, while that enemy can be avoided, this liquid cannot, thus making the level a bit trickier. Clapper the Seal returns for the final time to help the monkeys freeze and solidify the dangerous fluid so they can pass over it. Enemies like Spinies, Flitters, Zingers, Krunchas, and Klampons populate this area.

Level layout[edit]

When they begin the level, the heroes must travel east and jump on Clapper. After he freezes the water, they need to run across, but before it melts, to avoid touching the freezing liquid below. After going up and under a few Zingers, they will get to land again and defeat a lone Spiny. Afterwards, they must bounce off of another Clapper, and freeze the water. Once they slide under two Zingers, the Kongs need to hurry back on the solid ground. But they can still not dawdle, because they must quickly cross more ice before it cools down. Soon, though, they should be able to reach safety, and simply walk along the solid path. They'll meet a few enemies on the way, and also have to jump over two abysses. But, the group will eventually come up to the next Clapper. After he cools down the liquid, they need to dash over the ice. They must jump over and slide under a few more Zingers here, but soon get back on the safe surface. Here, they will find the Star Barrel.

From there, the heroes must hop on top of Clapper and race over the slippery ice. Once they pass the Zinger over this icy water, they will have to continue running over the safe ground, until they find another frozen section of water. Before it melts, they have to run and dodge more enemies. Again, they will finally make it back on land, but have to cross more ice. Hopefully, if it hasn't turned back into it's liquid form, the Kongs should be able to cross it, and finally be back on the safe ground. After all that, the heroes must simply leap over a few abysses and avoid some enemies, including the mighty Kruncha foe, who won't give up just from a single hit given by the monkeys. Eventually, the group will meet another Clapper. Once they jump on him, they must, as usual, dash across the slippery ice. This time across, there are several Zingers in the path, and they need to hop over or slip under each one. Once back on land, the heroes should watch out for a Kruncha, and jump over a rather large gap. After that, they will find a spring, and it will take them out of the level.



Bonus Level(s)[edit]

  • After the Star Barrel, the monkeys should come up to the second ice path after it. When they jump down to the ice, Dixie Kong must flutter through the air and bounce off of a Flitter. Then, she and Diddy will land into the Bonus Barrel. In it's Bonus Level, the heroes need to jump platform-to-platform and dodge a few Klampons. Once they get to the end, they can obtain the Kremkoin.

DK Coin[edit]

  • At the beginning of the level, the Kongs should walk backwards. They should look for a hidden hook, and cling onto it to reach a barrel above them. It will shoot them to several other barrels, and soon to the DK Coin.

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

The letter G
  • K: Heading left at the start and jumping up into a barrel cannon will caused the player to be launched into the "K" Letter.
  • O: Above a pool of lava.
  • N: In between two platforms, to the right of a Kruncha.
  • G: To the right of the End of Level Target, the player should jump until Diddy/Dixie latches on to an invisible hook. Jumping to the second hook will allow the player to reach the "G" Letter.