Barrel Bayou (Donkey Kong Land 2)

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Barrel Bayou
Barrel Bayou
Level code 2 - 6
World Krem Cauldron
Game Donkey Kong Land 2
Music track Bayou Boogie
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Barrel Bayou is the eleventh level in Donkey Kong Land 2 and the sixth level of Krem Cauldron.


Barrel Bayou is the first swamp level in the game. The level starts like a typical level of Donkey Kong Land 2, with some Neek and Klomp enemies, and some pits to jump over. It is the first level with Rotatable Barrels, a type of Barrel Cannon that Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong can aim the direction of.

Barrel Bayou features two Animal Friends; a Rambi Barrel appears just before the Star Barrel, allowing the Kongs to transform into Rambi for a portion of the level. Rambi can easily defeat the Zingers that he encounters. Shortly after the No Animal Sign, the Kongs can enter the second Bonus Level, where they transform into Squitter. In a late portion of Barrel Bayou, the Kongs encounter Krockheads alongside Flitters.


Barrel Bayou
Diddy Kong crosses a water area

The level begins on a long, flat platform suspended above that water that holds a single Neek. Behind the place that the Kongs stand at the beginning of the level, there is a Rotatable Barrel that can be used to fire them to a hidden Bonus Barrel. Ahead of here, the heroes can find a small pit with a banana above it separating the starting platform from another platform. On the other side of the pit, they can find a Klomp and another small pit with the letter K in it. Another long platform follows here, and it holds a pair of Neeks, a Klobber, and a Klomp. A DK Barrel is also located near the beginning of it, while a Rotatable Barrel is placed near the end of it. They can control the Rotatable Barrel to shoot them to some bananas and a Banana Coin. A wide area of water is ahead of here, but a lily pad and a barrel float on the water to help the heroes cross. As they do so, a Zinger flies in their way. On the other side of the water, the primates can find a platform with a pair of Neeks, a Klomp, and a treasure chest that contains an Extra Life Balloon on it.

The Kongs can find an additional water area ahead of here. A trio of half-sunken barrels and a lily pad float on the water, and they can be used to help the heroes stay above the water. As they cross using these objects, a few Zingers fly in their way. The letter O is also present between a few of the barrels that float on the water. Instead of crossing the water with the barrels and lily pads, the primates can also cross by using a set of Rotatable Barrels and Auto Fire Barrels that float above it. Once they cross the liquid, they reach a platform that holds a Klomp, who walks under another DK Barrel. This platform is immediately followed by a water area that can only be crossed by jumping on the heads of a trio of Krocheads in the liquid. Flitters hover above or near each Krochead. After the duo makes their way over this water, they reach a long, flat platform with an Animal Barrel above it. If they enter this barrel, they turn into Rambi. Two Zingers are near here, and a Star Barrel floats between them.

Barrel Bayou
Rambi aims a Rotatable Barrel.

Once the heroes pass the Zingers, they make their way to a water area that contains many Rotatable Barrels. These barrels must be aimed and used in order to cross the water. As they cross, they enter a barrel that can shoot them to two different paths. Both paths are nearly identical, but the lower path leads to a Zinger (who can be defeated with Rambi) and a DK Coin. Both paths also take them to the other side of the liquid, where there is a platform that holds a Klobber. Ahead of this platform, there is another water area that contains a single Krochead that the heroes can jump on to aid them in crossing. Two Zingers move in vertical paths around the Krochead. If the primates manage to cross the water, they land on a long platform with a Neek and a No Animal Sign on it. If they pass this sign with Rambi, the Animal Buddy disappears, and they are given a Banana Coin in turn. More water is near here, and two barrels float on it, one of which that holds a jumping Kaboing. On the other side of this water, the heroes can find a platform with a kannonball on it and a DK Barrel above it. This platform is immediately followed by a water area that contains two lily pads and a barrel, all of which that can be used to cross the liquid. A Zinger and a Flitter fly in their way as they advance through this area.

Once they cross the water, they reach a kannon and another No Animal Sign (which causes Squitter to disappear, if the primates had gotten him during the second Bonus Level). The letter N and some bananas are also above the sign. If the duo continues from here, they make their way over some more water with a pair of Krocheads sticking out of it. The heroes must use these creatures, along with a single lily pad floating in the water, in order to reach a platform located just ahead. As they travel over the liquid, a few Flitters fly in their way. Once they reach the platform, they can find another water area ahead of them that must be crossed with a series of Barrel Cannons and Rotatable Barrels. Many of these barrels move back and forth in a vertical path. As they move, the heroes must shoot out of them in order to travel one barrel to the next. The second of these Barrel Cannons shoots the heroes to the letter G and a Rotatable Barrel that can then fire them to another moving Barrel Cannon. This barrel can blast them into another Rotatable Barrel, which can then drop them onto a platform that is followed by one final water area. Above the water, there are a few Barrel Cannons that move from left to right and back. They must use these barrels, along with some Rotatable Barrels and a stationary Barrel Cannon, to cross the water. On the other side of the water, there is a long, flat platform that holds a spring. If they jump on this spring, the level is completed.


Items and objects[edit]

Cranky's Video Game Hero Coin[edit]

Screenshot Description
Barrel Bayou To obtain the Video Game Hero Coin, the Kongs are required to transform into Rambi. After the Star Barrel, Rambi enters a chain of Rotatable Barrels. From the second Barrel Cannon, Rambi must blast down to a few bananas. He must blast to the right into another Barrel Cannon and then into a Zinger, who is flying in front of the Video Game Hero Coin. Rambi automatically defeats the Zinger by blasting into it and obtains the Video Game Hero Coin.

KONG Letters[edit]

  • K: The letter K is hovering between two boardwalks right before the first DK Barrel. The Kongs can safely collect the "K" by performing a cartwheel jump.
  • O: Just before the second DK Barrel, the Kongs reach a pit of swamp water which they can cross by either blasting from Rotatable Barrels and Auto Fire Barrels, or by jumping from lily pads and barrels floating on the water. If they choose the latter path, the Kongs can find the letter O floating between two platform. They can obtain the letter O by performing a jump.
  • N: The Kongs fall to the letter N after completing the second Bonus Level.
  • G: The primates shoot to the letter G as they cross the second-to-last area of water in the level, which can only be crossed with the many Rotatable Barrels above it.

Bonus Levels[edit]

Image Type and description
Diddy Kong defeats a Zinger with a kannonball in the first Bonus Level of Barrel Bayou in Donkey Kong Land 2 Destroy Them All!
At the beginning of the level, the Kongs must travel backwards and jump into a Rotatable Barrel. They must aim it northwest to blast into a Bonus Barrel leads to the Bonus Level. The Kongs' objective is to defeat three Zingers with a kannonball within 20 seconds. After every Zinger is defeated, a Kremkoin appears in the center for the Kongs to obtain.
Barrel Bayou Find the Token!
After the No Animal Sign, Diddy and Dixie pass a Kaboing and find the kannonball near the edge of a moss-covered boardwalk. The active Kong must pick it up, hop across a few platforms, and throw it into a nearby kannon leading them into the second Bonus Level.

At the start, the Kongs must jump into a Squitter Barrel to become Squitter, who has 20 seconds to collect the Kremkoin at the other side. Above the starting point is a group of bananas forming a right arrow. Squitter must continue in the direction by creating web platforms to move across a pit of swamp water. A few Zingers are hovering over the swamp water, and Squitter can defeat them with his web projectiles. Alternatively, Squitter can cross the pit by jumping from two large barrel platforms floating in the water. At the rightmost part of the Bonus Level, there is a platform with a No Animal Sign which turns Squitter back into the Kongs, who can collect the Kremkoin just ahead.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かいてんタルさんばし
Kaiten Taru Sanbashi
Spin Barrel Pier