Bramble Scramble (Donkey Kong Land 2)

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Bramble Scramble
Bramble Scramble DKL2.png
World-Level 3 - 5
World Krazy Kremland
Game Donkey Kong Land 2
Music Stickerbrush Symphony
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Bramble Scramble is the twentieth level of Donkey Kong Land 2, and the fifth area of Krazy Kremland.

This is the second bramble level of the game, where Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong must climb vines and use Squawks to progress. Sharp brambles trace the outside of the area, and touching them will cause Diddy or Dixie to run away. Several enemies are found in this level, including Krooks, Kannons, Kloaks, Zingers, Flitters, Click-Clacks, and Mini Neckies.

Level layout[edit]

Dixie dodges a few Zingers as she climbs down a rope

The level begins in front of a Banana Bunch on some wooden planks that hold the Kongs over the sharp brambles. Some more wooden planks are ahead to help them progress safely. A DK Barrel is above one of the sets of planks, while a Krook stands on the planks after it. The primates can bounce on a nearby Flitter to reach a long vine that they must climb up to progress. If they climb down on the vine, they come past a Zinger and then reach a set of wooden planks that support a Click-Clack. The letter K is located in this area. To the right of the same vine, there is a Banana Bunch above more planks. As the heroes climb upwards on this vine, a Zinger flies in their way. Once they pass the foe, they reach a horizontal vine. If they climb to the left on the vine, they can find a Krook, a Banana Coin, and a Banana Bunch, but if they travel to the right, they progress to a Zinger and a short, vertical vine. They must drop down from this vine to land on some wooden planks that hold a Click-Clack. This is followed by some more planks and another Click-Clack. From here, they can reach the remaining part of the previous horizontal vine. As they climb across this, a Zinger tries to attack them. Soon, they make their way to a vertical vine that they must climb down to reach some more wooden planks with a Click-Clack on them. A trio of Zingers fly in their way as they climb down the vine.

An Animal Barrel is located at the bottom of the vine, and if it is entered, the primates are turned into Squawks the Parrot. The parrot can help them progress through a wide path placed among the brambles. As he begins his flight, he encounters a Zinger and a Banana Bunch, and then heads north. There are many bananas and Zingers on the way. At the top of the area, the hero meets a few Flitters, and then heads down another path full of Zingers. There is a fork-in-the-road on the way through here. If Squawks continues downwards, he reaches the letter O, a Banana Coin, and some bananas, but if he travels to the right as he heads down the area, he encounters some more Flitters and a DK Barrel. There are some more Zingers and Flitters north of here, but after they are passed, the parrot reaches a No Animal Sign, which causes him to turn back into the Kongs. As the primates continue forward, they must make sure to land on the wooden planks on top of the brambles. On the way along the platforms, they encounter a Flitter and a Click-Clack, and then reach a vertical vine that is surrounded by a few other vines. The vine to the right of here can help them access an area with a horizontal vine that leads past a Zinger and back to the platform holding the No Animal Sign. The vine to the left helps the Kongs reach some wooden planks with a Click-Clack walking along them. Another vine is northwest of the last vine, and it leads to a Zinger and a hidden Bonus Barrel. If the heroes continue west from here, they reach a long set of wooden planks with the Star Barrel and a DK Barrel above them.

Diddy climbs some vines near the end of the level

There is a large group of vines ahead of here with many Zingers swarming around them. The letter N is located at the beginning of this vine area. Soon, the primates pass a Flitter and then head towards a vertical vine that they can use to climb past a few Zingers and safely reach a few sections of wooden planks that hold Click-Clacks. The last set of planks are placed under an Animal Barrel that must be entered to turn into Squawks again. The parrot must be used to ascend up a slanted path with a single Zinger at the beginning of it. As the parrot approaches the top of this path, he finds a Zinger guarding a thin passage. After he defeats this Zinger and the two other Zingers located after it, he accesses a large, hidden area that contains a DK Barrel, a Banana Bunch, some more Zingers, and a DK Coin. If Squawks heads back to the area that he found the Zinger guarding the thin passage, he can find a wider passage to the west.

As he heads along this curvy path, a few Zinger fly in his way. Eventually, he reaches a DK Barrel and then flies southeast towards a No Animal Sign structured on some wooden planks. If he tries to pass this sign, he is turned back into the Kongs, who must then travel to a large, wide area full of vines, Flitters, and Zingers. As they climb through this area, they discover a Banana Coin and the letter G, which floats above the head of a Krook at the bottom of the area. A Click-Clack patrols the small set of planks that holds this Krook. If the primates make their way east through this large area, they reach some sets of wooden planks that support Click-Clacks. A Banana Bunch is above each set of planks. Eventually, the heroes make their way to a long, vertical vine that they must climb down to reach a set of planks that hold a spring. As they climb down, a few Zingers try to interfere. If Diddy or Dixie jump on the spring, the level is complete.



K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

  • K: After the heroes reach the vine after the first Flitter enemy, they should climb downwards into a hidden area. The letter K is at the bottom.
  • O: A DK Barrel is shortly before the first No Animal Sign. Right before here, the primates can find a pathway that leads past a few Zingers. If they take this path, they can find several bananas, a Banana Coin, and the letter O.
  • N: The letter N is next to the second vine after the Star Barrel.
  • G: In the area of vines right after the last No Animal Sign in the level, the letter G can be found above a Krook at the bottom of the area.

Bonus Levels[edit]

Diddy Kong climbs to a star in the first and only Bonus Level
  • After the Kongs pass the first No Animal Sign, they must climb up on the vines nearby. When they reach the third vine, they can notuce a shorter vine slightly northwest of them. If they climb up this vine, they can find a Bonus Barrel that is guarded by a Zinger. Once they access the barrel, they are taken to a Bonus Level, where they are given 25 seconds to collect 31 stars that are scattered throughout the area on top of several vertical and horizontal vines. Once all of the stars are obtained, a Kremkoin appears at the bottom-right corner of the area. The heroes are sent back to the main level without a Kremkoin if they fail of collect it before time runs out, or if they touch any brambles.

DK Coin[edit]

  • After the heroes turn into Squawks for the second time, they must fly upwards until they see a fork-in-the-road. Squawks would usually take the left path, but instead, he should take the path to the right, where there is a trio of Zingers in their way. The parrot buddy must defeat these foes to access a hidden area with some more Zingers and the DK Coin in it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スコークスライド
Sukōkusu raido
Squawks Ride