Topsail Trouble (Donkey Kong Land 2)

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Topsail Trouble
Topsail Trouble DKL2.png
World-Level 1 - 5
World Gangplank Galleon
Game Donkey Kong Land 2
Music Lockjaw's Saga
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Topsail Trouble is the fifth level of Donkey Kong Land 2. It is located on the Gangplank Galleon, being the fifth place here as well.

Rattly the Rattlesnake appears in the starting part of this level, thus making his debut in the Donkey Kong Land series. He helps the Kongs jump from yard to yard, making climbing to the top easier. Enemies like Flitters, Click-Clacks, Zingers, Neeks, Klomps, and Klingers serve as obstacles for this level.

Level layout[edit]

The Kongs begin the level on a yard with an Animal Barrel above it, which can turn them into Rattly if they enter it. If they head east from here, they make their way up a slanted yard with some Neeks on it. Another Neek walks on the yard ahead of here, which is partly tilted under the previous yard. A mast is behind the final yard in this area, and some wooden structures are on it that can be used to climb to the second set of yards. Some hooks are next to the structures to help the Kongs climb to them. They soon climb to a small yard with a Click-Clack and a DK Barrel on it. A pit is ahead of it that contains a Zinger, and once the heroes cross this pit, they come onto another yard with the letter K above it. A larger yard follows here, and it holds a Click-Clack and a set of ropes that hang below it. A Klinger slides along the rope, which can lead the heroes to a Banana Bunch. If they head north from here using some hooks and platforms connected to masts, they reach a slanted yard with a Neek and a DK Barrel on it. An additional platform attached to a mast is next to the yard, and they can climb on it to reach a hidden Bonus Barrel. To the east of here, they can find another mast with a platform on it.

Diddy climbs some ropes located shortly before the Star Barrel.

A Zinger flies next to the mast, and it is followed by a yard with a No Animal Sign on it. Rattly disappears when this sign is passed, and the primates are also given a Banana Coin if they lead him to this sign. If they continue east from here, they reach a set of ropes that lead to up a higher yard. To the right of these ropes, they can find another rope set that a Klinger climbs along. Bananas are also located around the ropes. The primates must travel upwards along the previous ropes to progress from here. Once they reach the next yard, they encounter a Click-Clack and a large mast that holds a wooden platform. They must use the platform to reach a horizontal tightrope, which they must climb along. As they climb, they come past a lone Zinger and then reach another mast with a platform on it. A set of ropes are to the left of this mast, and if they climb them, they can find the letter O in the air. Another set of ropes is farther to the left from here, and a Klinger climbs along them. When they reach the top of the ropes, they can find a Banana Bunch to their right and a mast with a platform on it to their left. They can use the platform to make their way onto an additional set of ropes that lead up to a yard with a Klomp and a Star Barrel on it.

At this point in the level, the Kongs can find a DK Barrel and a barrel to their right on the same yard. Another yard is ahead of here with a trio of Neeks on it. The slanted yard leads them up to a horizontal tightrope with an Invincibility Barrel to the far left of it. To the right of the rope, the primates can find a large group of ropes that are covered in Klingers and bananas. A Banana Coin is also near the bottom of the ropes. Once the duo climbs these ropes, they reach a long, horizontal tightrope with four Zingers along it. The tightrope leads to a larger group of ropes with some more Klingers on them. When they reach the rope of the ropes, they can find another horizontal tightrope to their right with a few Zingers in front of it. As the primates climb across it, they come under the letter N and then make their way to another large set of ropes with a Klinger on it. A mast with a platform on it is to the right of these ropes, and they can use the platform to reach a yard with a Kaboing and a DK Barrel in it. A yard with a treasure chest containing an Extra Life Balloon is on a yard above here.

This yard also supports a Kaboing, as does the following yard, which additionally carries a Click-Clack. If the primates journey to the left edge of this yard, they can find a DK Coin and a Banana Bunch floating high in the air above a pit. A slanted yard is located near here with some Flitters flying around it. The two friends can find a large set of ropes on the end of this yard, and as they climb these ropes, they encounter a few Klingers and a Banana Coin that is located in the top-right part of the area. A straight, horizontal tightrope is to the left of the coin, and a Flitter and some Zingers fly around it. The letter G is also put in view under them as they climb along the rope, and if they drop down to it they are caught by a sturdy platform connected to a mast. After passing the final Zinger in this area, the Kongs approach a hidden yard with an Extra Life Balloon next to it and a Barrel Cannon that they can drop into in order to be blasted to some more Barrel Cannons that can lead them onto a yard with a spring on it. If they bounce on the spring, they complete the level. A Banana Bunch is located in the air to the right of the spring.


K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

  • K: The letter K is located above the yard that is located after the first Zinger in the level.
  • O: The letter O is placed above a set of ropes found shortly before the Star Barrel.
  • N: The heroes can find the letter N above them as they climb along the final tightrope before the second DK Barrel from the Star Barrel.
  • G: The primates can find the letter G above a platform as they climb along the final tightrope in the level.

Bonus Levels[edit]

Diddy throws a kannonball at a Klinger in the second Bonus Level.
  • The first Bonus Level is different from other bonuses in Donkey Kong Land 2, as it does not grant the Kongs with a Kremkoin, but instead with an easy trip to the end of the level. Therefore, its discovery is not required to complete the game 100%. To find it, the Kongs must make their way past the first Zinger in the level to land on a yard located after it. After they jump to the smaller yard following this, the heroes should drop down from the right edge of the yard to fall towards a group of bananas that surround a hidden Bonus Barrel. If they fall into the area between the bananas, they land the Bonus Barrel, which can send them into a Bonus Level. Here, they can find a No Animal Sign on a long yard with a group of bananas above it that form the shape of an arrow pointing to the exit of the bonus. If they travel to the exit, they are taken back into the main level next to a spring that they can bounce on the complete the level.
  • Shortly before reaching the DK Barrel, the heroes come up to a wooden structure that is attached to a mast. Once they jump to this platform, they can find a Bonus Barrel to the left of them that they must jump into in order to access the second Bonus Level, where they must use kannonballs to defeat Klingers that climb along a large set of ropes. They can only reach the Klingers if they climb on the structures on the masts that are located around the ropes. If all of the Klingers are defeated within 30 seconds, a Kremkoin appears for the heroes to claim within the remaining time.

DK Coin[edit]

  • If the primates climb to the yard above the one that holds the fourth DK Barrel and then travel west, they soon reach the end of the final yard in the area. They can find a Banana Bunch in the air ahead of this yard, as well as a DK Coin that they must jump to in order to reach.