Dungeon Danger

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Dungeon Danger
Dungeon Danger DKL2.png
World-Level 5 - 3
World K. Rool's Keep
Game Donkey Kong Land 2
Music Krook's March
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Dungeon Danger is the thirtieth level of Donkey Kong Land 2 and the third area of K. Rool's Keep. It replaces the stage Castle Crush from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest.

Unlike its predecessor, Dungeon Danger does not introduce any new obstacles or hazards. Throughout most of the level, Diddy and Dixie Kong simply make their way along small platforms and climb chains to reach higher areas, commonly encountering enemies on the way. Enemies here include Neeks, Klampons, Spinies, Zingers and Klingers.

Level layout[edit]

Dixie Kong reaches the second floor of the dungeon.

The Kongs begin the level on a solid piece of ground with a ledge ahead of it that they can climb to progress. An alcove is ahead of here that contains a DK Barrel. On the other side of the alcove, the primates can discover a few Neeks and a small ledge. After they pass the third Neek, they approach a chain that they can climb to reach the second floor of the dungeon, where there are five separate platforms that they must travel along to reach the rightmost side of the area. A Klampon walks on the third platform in this area, and a hidden section of the level is located under the pit immediately after the fifth platform. In this hidden area, the Kongs can find the letter K and an Extra Life Balloon that hovers over a pit, which they can drop into the reach a chain with the beginning of the level below it. Once the primates cross the pit after the fifth platform, they reach a solid ledge with a straight, vertical chain above it. The heroes can climb to the third floor of the dungeon with this chain, where there are some chains dangling from the ceiling. Bananas and a Banana Coin are located right under the chains.

Four platforms with gaps between each of them are farther below the chains; the first and fourth platform hold Neeks. After the Kongs cross the small pit after the fourth platform, they land on a large ledge with a Spiny on it. A set of chains dangle above here, and a Klinger climbs along the right side of it. The Kongs can use the chains to reach the fourth floor of the dungeon, where there are five platforms lined up with a pit between each of them. Zingers hover between the last two abysses, and a Spiny and a Klampon also march along the last two of the platforms. If they drop into the pit after the second platform, they access a hidden area with an Invincibility Barrel, a DK Coin, two Spinies, and a Zinger in it. A Barrel Cannon is also at the end of this area, and it can blast the Kongs onto the chain at the end of the area. If they climb to the top of this chain, they reach the fifth floor of the dungeon. The level's Star Barrel is immediately to the left of the top of this chain on a solid piece of ground.

Dixie Kong carries a Kannonball through the area full of platforms and chains.

After the primates pass the special barrel, they access a wide area full of platforms with chains on them. If they search through this maze of platforms and chains, they can find a Kannonball, a Banana Coin, the letter O, and, at the very bottom of the room, a pair of Neeks and a Kannon. After the primates climb to the northwest side of the area, they can find a set of chains with two Klingers sliding along them. Once at the top of the chains, they can reach a solid area of ground with a Klampon on it. There is a small pit ahead of here, and once it is cross, the primates reach a large platform with two Spinies on it. A chain hangs over the beginning of platform, which can be climbed to reach a higher area containing a pit and the letter N.

If the Kongs pass this chain and head to the other end of the platform, they can find a larger set of chains that are covered in five Klingers. A pit near the bottom of the chains can be crossed to reach an additional Spiny and more Klinger-covered chains that lead up to an area with a hidden Bonus Barrel in it. If the heroes climb up the previously-mentioned chains with the five Klingers on them, they can progress to the seventh floor on the dungeon. The letter G is to the right after a pit from the top of these chains, and four large platforms are to the left of it. One of these platforms holds a Klampon. After the Kongs cross the pit from the fourth platform, they can reach a ledge with a chain above it. Four platforms are to the right of the top of this chain; the second of them holds a Klampon, and the last of them carries a Neek. Once Diddy and Dixie cross the large abyss after the fourth platform, they land on a ledge with a spring on it. If they bounce on the spring, they complete the level.




K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

The letter G's location
  • K: If the Kongs drop into the pit immediately before the second chain in the level, they can find the letter K and an Extra Life Balloon in a hidden area.
  • O: In the area full of platforms after the Star Barrel, the heroes can find the letter O in the left side of the area near the bottom.
  • N: Shortly after passing the level's Star Barrel, the heroes reach a set of chains with Klingers on them. After they climb the chains, they reach another chain that they can climb to reach a higher area. They can find the letter N to the left of the chain after a small pit.
  • G: When the Kongs reach the middle of the dungeon's sixth floor, they can find wide set of chains that hold several Klingers. If they head right from the top of these chains, they approach a small pit with the letter G on the other side of it.

Bonus Levels[edit]

Dixie Kong grabs stars in the second Bonus Level.
  • Right after the Star Barrel, the primates must climb up all of the chains and stone platforms until they see a Kannonball. One Kong must pick up this ball and go east to the lowest and leftmost part of the area. Eventually, they pass a Neek and find the Kannon to put the ball into. When the Kannon is loaded, the heroes can go into it to be shot into a Bonus Level. Here, cross a wide pit using several chains that Klingers climb along. If the group can get to the end before the time limit of 20 seconds, they earn a Kremkoin to grab with the remaining time.
  • To find the Bonus Barrel leading to this Bonus Level, the group of Kongs should travel to the far right end of the sixth floor and climb up the double-set of chains. Once at the top, the primates must move to the wall visible to the far left. If they jump around this small corner, the heroes should get into the hidden Bonus Barrel, which leads to another Bonus Level. In this special level, the Kongs must climb along larges sets of chains and collect 18 stars. When they are all obtained within 20 seconds, a Kremkoin appears to the far right side of the area to grab with the remaining time.

DK Coin[edit]

  • On the fourth floor of the dungeon, the Kongs should hop through some of the gaps. One of the abysses should take them to a hidden area with an Invincibility Barrel and the level's DK Coin in it.