Slime Climb (Donkey Kong Land 2)

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Slime Climb
Slime Climb
Level code 2 - 10
World Krem Cauldron
Game Donkey Kong Land 2
Music track Lockjaw's Saga
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Slime Climb is the fifteenth level of Donkey Kong Land 2. It is also the tenth area of the second world Krem Cauldron. Unlike the eponymous Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest level, Snapjaw does not appear, but there is rising water that hurts Diddy and Dixie if they come in contact with it. Because of this, the Kongs must reach the top of the level while avoiding the liquid below.


Slime Climb
Diddy Kong jumps to the first DK Barrel in the level.

The level begins on a long yard holding a Click-Clack positioned above the water. A few platforms that are attached to the side of large masts are ahead, and some of them carry Klomps, while one of them is located under a DK Barrel. The platforms can help the Kongs cross the water and reach a set of ropes that they must climb to reach a higher yard with a Click-Clack on it. The water, which begins to rise as the heroes jump along the platforms, ceases to move once they reach the yard. An additional yard is nearby, and it holds another Click-Clack and a Kruncha. As they head across the yard and the area ahead of it, the water rises. Before it touches them, the heroes must head onto another platform that is connected to a wooden mast. A tightrope is between this mast and another, which is positioned next to a rope that the heroes must climb to dodge the water and reach a yard with a Klomp on it.

When they reach this yard, the water stops rising, until they grab onto a nearby set of ropes. Another set of ropes is to the right of here, and they must reach it to progress. A pair of Zingers fly between the two rope sets, and they try to attack the Kongs. As they climb along these ropes, the water slows down. At the end of the second rope set, they can find a platform with a pair of small yards to the right of it. A Banana Bunch is between both yards; the upper yard holds a Klomp, while the one below it is held under the letter K. A tilted yard is ahead of here, and a Kaboing repeatedly hops near the end of it, where the primates can see a set of ropes that they must climb to progress. A few Zingers fly over these ropes, and the Kongs must head past them when they move out of their way to continue safely. A tightrope sticks out of the top of this rope set, and they can climb along this part of the ropes to reach a long group of ropes that hold a Klinger. As they jump to these ropes, a Zinger stands in their way.

Soon, the heroes reach another tightrope with a Flitter slightly under it. A trail of bananas located after this rope can lead the duo onto a long yard with a Kruncha and a Click-Clack on it. The water ceases to rise when they reach this yard. They can discover a hook near here, and they must use it to reach a platform with a DK Barrel on it. The water rises slightly higher when they reach the platform, but it stops before it can hit the primates. Three more hooks float in a gap ahead of here, and as they travel over the area with them, the water rises more. The final hook here is followed by a tightrope connected to a trio of masts. As they climb across this rope, a Zinger flies in their way, but the water stops rising. A trio of hooks are placed to the right of the tightrope, and they must be used to reach some platforms that are attached to some masts. They must use these platforms to cross the water and reach a pair of Flitters above a gap, who they can bounce on to reach a small yard with the level's Star Barrel above it. The letter O is above the Flitters, and once the Kongs reach the yard after them, the water rises and then stops under them.

At this point in the level, the Kongs can find a large set of ropes that are covered in Klingers to the right of them. As they climb, the water rises towards them. Bananas and even a Banana Coin are scattered along the ropes, which the heroes can climb to find a pair of Flitters to their left and a tightrope to their right. They can bounce to the west with the Flitters to reach a hidden Video Game Hero Coin, and also jump to the east to reach the tightrope, which connects to some groups of ropes that hold a Klinger. After they pass this foe, they can discover a platform on a mast that they can use to progress towards a small yard with a Kaboing on it. Once the water rises up to this point of the level, it stops, until the two friends jump to a yard located to the left. A few Flitters fly in a gap ahead of here, and they must be bounced on to cross the water and reach a large set of ropes that hold Klingers. A yard is to the right of the top of the ropes, and the water stops slightly under the yard when it reaches it.

Slime Climb
Diddy Kong bounces onto a yard with some hooks above it.

As the heroes travel along this yard, they come up to a Neek and a small gap with a Zinger in it. On the other side of this gap, they can find a Click-Clack that walks along a small yard. As they approach this yard, the water rises, and then stops when it is slightly under the yard with the Click-Clack on it. The letter N and some hooks are above here, and the hooks can be used to reach a long yard with an additional Click-Clack on it. A Flitter with an Exclamation Point Barrel above it is in a gap near here, and the gap must be crossed to reach a long yard with some more hooks above it. As the duo approaches this yard, the water rises, until it makes its way slightly under the yard. A trail of bananas is below this yard, and it leads to a Bonus Barrel under the water. If the primates climb upwards with the nearby hooks, they make their way onto a long, tilted yard that holds a lone Neek. A gap with a Zinger in and above it is ahead of this yard, and once they cross the gap, they reach another yard with a Kruncha on it. This is followed by an additional yard, which a Kaboing constantly bounces on.

If Diddy and Dixie head west from this yard, they reach some platforms that are attached to masts. The water rises slightly each time they jump to a higher platform. The letter G is between two of the platforms in this area, and they can only safely reach it by using their super-jump move. A gap follows the platforms, and the only way to cross it without falling into the rising water is by bouncing on a pair of Flitters that float above it. On the other side of the gap, there is a platform on a mast with a tightrope between it and another mast. As they climb along this tightrope, a Zinger flies in their way, and then they make their way onto a shorter tightrope with another Zinger in front of it. A slightly longer tightrope is ahead, and as the heroes climb along it, a Zinger stands in their way and an Extra Life Balloon hovers upwards. They can find a yard with a spring on it just ahead of here with a Zinger immediately before it. The water stops rising when it reaches this yard. If they bounce on the spring, the level is completed.


Items and objects[edit]

The following items and objects appear in the following quantities:

KONG Letters[edit]

  • K: On the third level of yards, the Kongs can find a Kaboing. A small yard is hidden shortly before this foe, and the letter K is above it.
  • O: The letter O is placed above two Flitters right before the Star Barrel.
  • N: The letter N is located near some hooks that are placed shortly before the Exclamation Point Barrel.
  • G: Shortly before the end of the level, the Kongs travel across the area by jumping along a few platforms that are attached to the masts. The letter G is between the two platforms, the Kongs must perform a roll-jump to reach it.

Cranky's Video Game Hero Coin[edit]

Immediately after Star Barrel, the Kongs must climb up a set a ropes. They must bounce to the left on a pair of Flitters to find the Video Game Hero Coin.

Bonus Level[edit]

Slime Climb
The Bonus Level of Slime Climb
  • Find the Token!: A while after the Kongs pass the Star Barrel, they must break an Exclamation Point Barrel and bounce on a Flitter. Instead of landing on the yard ahead, the Kongs must drop under it and fall along a short path of bananas, which leads into a Bonus Barrel. In the Bonus Level, the Kongs have 25 seconds collect the Kremkoin on the other side. They start by jumping up several platforms on the left and then climbing across a horizontal rope. After dropping to another rope and climbing across it, the Kongs reach a Kremkoin.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese しずむ なんぱせん
Shizumu Nanpasen
Sinking Shipwreck