Rattle Battle (Donkey Kong Land 2)

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Rattle Battle
Rattle Battle DKL2.png
World-Level 2 - 9
World Krem Cauldron
Game Donkey Kong Land 2
Music Lockjaw's Saga
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Rattle Battle is the fourteenth level of Donkey Kong Land 2. It is also the ninth area of Krem Cauldron.

This level is happening on the deck of the wrecked ship in which Glimmer's Galleon took place, and the Kongs are forced to play as Rattly the Rattlesnake, due to the large pits and myriads of enemies, like Kaboings, Zingers, Flitters, and Kannons; therefore, the level hasn't changed in terms of gameplay from its SNES counterpart, Rattle Battle.

Level layout[edit]

Rattly crosses a pit near the beginning of the level.

The Kongs begin the level under an Animal Barrel, which, if entered, turns them into Rattly the Rattlesnake. A large barrel with a few bananas above it is located to the left of the Animal Barrel. Ahead of here, Rattly can find a small stairway leading up to a Kaboing and a large pile of barrels with the letter K above it. A Neek crawls past these barrels, which are followed by another stairway with a DK Barrel at the top of it. There is a pit immediately after this barrel, and a Zinger flies over it. Once the pit is crossed, a Kaboing and another pit with a Flitter and a Banana Bunch above it are reached. As with most pits in this level, Rattly can cross with either his normal jump, or by bouncing on the Flitter. On the other side of the abyss, there is another Kaboing and a large barrel with a ledge after it. After the rattlesnake drops down this ledge, he comes up to a Kaboing and another pit with a Zinger above it. The snake can cross this pit with the assistance of the Zinger, or simply by jumping over the gap. If he manages to cross safely, he encounters another Kaboing and a stack of two barrels with a Banana Coin high above them. A ledge is near here, and a small trial of bananas with a Banana Bunch at the end of it is high above it.

After dropping to the bottom of the ledge, Rattly meets an additional Kaboing and a large stack of barrels with a pair of Zingers above them. The Zinger to the top-left of the pile can be bounced on to reach a Bonus Barrel, while the other, located to the right of the barrels, can be hopped on to cross a small pit, which is followed by a DK Barrel. A pit is near here, and a Zinger, some bananas, and the letter O are above it. A small ledge and a stack of barrels follow this pit, and a Kaboing also jumps near these barrels. Another Kaboing can be found ahead, jumping in front of a large barrel with an arrow (formed by bananas) above it. The arrow points upwards towards a hidden DK Coin. Ahead of here, Rattly can find a group of two barrels next to a small ledge, which a pair of Kaboings stand around. There is a wide pit near here with some bananas and a pair of Zingers above it. Rattly can use his special jumping ability to cross the pit, or he can also bounce on the Zingers to cross. The level's Star Barrel is immediately after this abyss.

Rattly approaches the Kannon with the letter N above its head.

An Animal Barrel and a DK Barrel float at the bottom of a ledge near here. If the level is begun from the Star Barrel, the Kongs take their normal form, having to enter the Animal Barrel to turn back into the reptile. After dropping down a few ledges, Rattly reaches a large pile of barrels that support a kannonball-shooting Kannon with the letter N above it. A pair of Kaboings follow the barrels, but they are separated by a small stairway with a Banana Bunch above it. If Rattly continues, he comes up to a small pit with a Zinger flying above it. On the other side of the pit, there is a barrel-shooting Kannon, who stands in front of a pair of large barrels. A wide pit that is completely void of enemies is ahead of here, and the only way to cross it is with Rattly's high-jumping move.

A smaller abyss with two Zingers above it can be found ahead of here after the rattlesnake climbs a small stairway. It is followed by an additional gap with a Flitter above it. Once on the other side of this pit, Rattly approaches a DK Barrel and a ledge with a Kaboing at the bottom of it. In order to progress farther, the rattlesnake must cross another pit with a Zinger above it. The letter G and a small stairway with a Kaboing at the top of it are ahead of this abyss. One final abyss is after here, and two more Zingers fly in it. After the Animal Buddy reaches the other side of it, he comes up to a spring, which he must bounce on to complete the level. A Kaboing and a ledge with a Banana Coin and a Banana Bunch above it follow this spring.


K-O-N-G letters[edit]

  • K: The letter K is above a pile of barrels found near the beginning of the level.
  • O: Immediately after passing the second DK Barrel in the level, Rattly reaches a pit with the letter O above it.
  • N: The letter N floats above a Kannon found immediately after the level's Star Barrel.
  • G: Rattly can find the letter G in mid-air as he approaches the final pit in the level.

Bonus level[edit]

Rattly bounces on Zingers in order to reach a Kremkoin in a Bonus Level.
  • Immediately before reaching the second DK Barrel, Rattly should find an arrangement of barrels, with three barrels on the bottom row, and two on the top. If the rattlesnake jumps to the left from the top of these barrels, he discovers a hidden Zinger, who he must bounce on to reach a nearby Bonus Barrel, which leads to a Bonus Level. He can also reach this Bonus Barrel with his high-jump move. In the Bonus Level, the Animal Buddy has 20 seconds to reach a Kremkoin at the end of the ship area. The coin is on a high platform on the other side of a large pit; in order to advance to this platform, the rattlesnake must bounce on the many Zingers that fly in the pit. Once he reaches the area with the Kremkoin, he must grab it within the remaining time to add it to the Kongs' collection.

DK Coin[edit]

  • Shortly after passing the letter O, Rattly makes his way to a large barrel with an arrow formed by bananas above it. The arrow points upwards, meaning that the hero should use his high-jump in order to reach the area directly above the arrow, where a DK Coin is hidden.