Target Terror (Donkey Kong Land 2)

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Target Terror
Target Terror
Level code 3 - 2
World Krazy Kremland
Game Donkey Kong Land 2
Music track Disco Train
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Target Terror is the seventeenth level of Donkey Kong Land 2 and the second level of Krazy Kremland.

Target Terror is the first level which takes place in a rollercoaster ride, and thus the first where Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong ride in a Roller Coaster. Target Terror marks the only in-game appearance of Check and X Barrels, which respectively open and close the gate closest to the Kongs. They must avoid the X Barrels, and if a Kong crashes into a closed gate, the player loses that Kong. Zingers and Flitters are found flying around the level; the former enemy should be avoided but Flitters should be bounced on for the Kongs to gain a height boost.


Target Terror
Diddy Kong rides towards the end of a track.

The level begins on a wooden platform near a roller coaster track with a Roller Coaster on it. The cart leads them to a check marked barrel that opens a gate just ahead. After a small hill that follows this gate, they ride towards an X marked barrel found in the air. They should avoid hitting it to keep the nearby gate open to pass through. A third barrel is immediately after this gate with a check mark on it. When hit it opens a gate just ahead. A small hill and a gap follow this gate. The letter K floats above the gap. After racing down a large hill, the heroes come up to an X marked barrel with the letter O next to it. They must avoid the barrel to travel through the open gate ahead. The Roller Coaster then rides up a large hill subsequent to the gate. A drop is at the end of the hill. Once they heroes drop off of the edge of the track here, they land on another track with a check marked barrel above it that can be used to open a nearby gate. After they are through this gate, they come up to a few gaps, including a large one that they can only cross by bouncing off of a Flitter in it. They can find a hidden track in this gap that they can ride along to reach a Bonus Barrel. Another gate is after this gap, and the Star Barrel follows it.

After winding up and down a few hills and passing the letter N on the way, the Kongs approach an X marked barrel that they must avoid to cross through another gate. The Roller Coaster leads them up a big hill after this gate. A gap is at the end of the hill. If the primates drop off of the edge of the track here, they can land on a Flitter and hit into a check marked barrel found near it. The Flitter can bounce them back onto a track, which has a gate on it. This gate is opened by the previous check marked barrel. A second Flitter can be bounced on just ahead of the gate to hit another check marked barrel. It opens a nearby gate. An X marked barrel follows this gate that must be avoided to keep another gate ahead opened. They can find a Flitter near here that they must bounce on to reach a Video Game Hero Coin. Once the heroes pass the gate, they approach a fork-in-the-road, where there are two separate tracks for them to travel on. Both tracks lead to the same area, but the lower track leads to a Bonus Barrel. A check marked barrel can be spotted immediately after the two tracks, opening a gate close by. A No Animal Sign-like signpost is ahead on a wooden platform after the letter G. When they pass this, the Roller Coaster disappears, leaving them on foot again. A spring is near here that can bounce them out of the level.


KONG Letters[edit]

  • K: The letter K is above the first gap in the level.
  • O: Just before the second X Barrel.
  • N: Shortly after the Star Barrel, the Kongs come by the letter N, found next to the first X Barrel from the halfway point.
  • G: The heroes pass the letter G in the air shortly after the last gate.

Bonus Levels[edit]

Target Terror
Diddy Kong approaches a Kremkoin in the first Bonus Level.
  • Almost immediately before reaching the Star Barrel, the Kongs have to bounce along a Flitter to reach a higher piece of the track. However, instead of jumping on it, they must drop down onto a hidden track that leads to a Bonus Barrel, which leads them to the first Bonus Level. Here, the heroes have to ride their Roller Coaster over a new track, hopping over some gaps and other obstacles on the way. If they reach the end of the stage within the time limit of 15 seconds, they discover a Kremkoin that they must grab before the remaining time runs out. They are sent back to the main level without a Kremkoin if they fall into a pit or run out of time during this bonus.
  • Near the end of the level, the group makes their way up to a fork-in-the-road, where there is a bottom and top route. They should take the bottom track to make their way to a hidden Bonus Barrel. The barrel sends them to a Bonus Level, where they must ride along another track and dodge all of the obstacles around it. If they reach the end of the area within the time limit of 15 seconds, a Kremkoin appears nearby that they can grab before the remaining time runs out. If they fail to collect the coin within the time limit, hit into an enemy, or fall into a pit, they are sent back to the main level without a Kremkoin.

Cranky's Video Game Hero Coin[edit]

  • As the heroes approach the gate before the fork-in-the-road near the end of the level, they can find a Flitter floating above the track. When they encounter this foe, they must jump up and bounce off of it to reach the hidden Video Game Hero Coin.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese どくろコースター
Dokuro Kōsutā
Skull Coaster