Toxic Tower (Donkey Kong Land 2)

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Toxic Tower
Toxic Tower DKL2.png
World-Level 5 - 6
World K. Rool's Keep
Game Donkey Kong Land 2
Music Krook's March
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Toxic Tower is the thirty-third level of Donkey Kong Land 2. It is also the sixth and last area of K. Rool's Keep.

This level takes place at the top of Kaptain K. Rool's tower, located on the peak of the Crocodile Isle. It is a long level that features once more the poisonous liquid that ascends from the bottom and whose first appearance was in Slime Climb. Because the platforms and ledges are too high to reach and the Kongs are forced to progress through the area quickly due to the rising slime, three Animal Friends make their presence here to help the primates: Squitter, Rattly and Squawks, in this respect. Zingers block the paths or fly side to side, while Kaboings hop their way within the level, trying to harm the monkeys.

Level layout[edit]

Rattly jumps to a ledge.

The Kongs begin the level on a solid piece of ground positioned to the right of a pit full of a toxic liquid. Several chains with bananas on them hang over the pit for the primates to use in order to avoid falling into the liquid. After they cross the pit, they reach another solid piece of ground with a DK Barrel wobbling over it. A set of chains that hang near here can be used to climb to a higher area, where an Animal Barrel containing Squitter and a Spiny are placed. As they climb up the chains, the liquid begins to rise. They must hop into the Animal Barrel to transform into Squitter, who is required to progress from here. To escape the rising liquid, the spider must build web platforms throughout the area and climb upwards, as directed by a formation of bananas creating an arrow, with them. Soon, Squitter reaches a ledge with a Spiny on it and then the letter K. Once he climbs a little bit higher, he approaches a No Animal Sign on a solid piece of ground. When it is passed, Squitter disappears and the Kongs reappear.

The two primates must continue through the rest of the level without the Animal Friend and travel up a few small ledges to reach an Animal Barrel containing Rattly. When they enter this barrel, they are transformed into the animal, who must then use his jumping powers to get onto a higher ledge to the left. He can also head east to find a hidden Barrel Cannon high in the air that can blast him to a Banana Coin and then farther into the level. If Rattly heads right from the previously-mentioned ledge, he comes up to several platforms that are separated by small gaps. After he climbs onto the highest of the platforms, located at the rightmost side of the area, he can find a higher platform to his left that stands under a Zinger and another platform. A Bonus Barrel is located to the left of the Zinger, who can be bounced on to reach a Zinger floating higher in the air. If Rattly manages to bounce on this foe, he can reach the higher platform, which supports a formation of bananas that create an arrow pointing north.

Using his super-jump, he must bounce high into the air to land on a ledge that is positioned to the left of a slightly larger platform. An additional platform with a Kaboing on it follows. With the use of a ledge to the right of this, Rattly is able to reach a higher area that is full of multiple platforms. The DK Coin is located to the left of these many platforms. Once Rattly climbs to the highest part in the room with the platforms, he can find a Zinger blocking a small opening in the ceiling that he must jump through to progress. He can use his super-jump move or bounce on the Zinger to reach a higher piece of ground that is placed under a few platforms that a Zinger flies over. Some more platforms and a Zinger are above here that can be jumped to in order to discover the letter O under a ceiling. An arrow created by a formation of bananas is located to the right of these platforms, and it leads the rattlesnake to a Zinger and then to another set of bananas that form an arrow pointing upwards. Rattly must follow the arrows and jump up to reach a small ledge and then another that supports a No Animal Sign that makes him turn back into the Kongs when passed. From here, the primates must climb a single chain found ahead of them to reach a Star Barrel.

A set of chains hang to the left of the special barrel. A pair of Spinies walk under the chains, while several Klingers slide along them. The Kongs must climb the chains to reach a higher area with a DK Barrel and three small alcoves containing Kaboings. An Animal Barrel containing Squawks is on a ledge next to the final alcove, and when the primates enter it, they are turned into the parrot Friend, who must then use his flying abilities to travel upwards along a formation of bananas that create an arrow. Soon, he comes up to the pathway leading west, which contains a few Zingers and a banana. After flying through more the pathway, which is full of several sharp turns and Zingers, he reaches a group of bananas that form an arrow, directing him to head upwards. Two Banana Bunches and a Banana Coin are hidden under the arrow, which Squawks must then follow to progress towards a few moving Zingers. Shortly after passing the third Zinger, he finds another set of bananas that form an arrow pointing upwards. As he follows the arrow, he passes two Krooks standing to the left and right sides of him in front of separate alcoves. The Krook to the left guards an alcove with the letter N in it, while the other guards a lone banana.

If he continues up from here, he approaches a DK Barrel and a fork-in-the-road. He can either take the path to the left or the one to the right. Both paths are nearly identical, as they both contain several Zingers and a few Spinies that are in similar positions. The pathways soon meet up by another passage that leads upwards and then to the left towards a Zinger and some bananas. Squawks comes up to several more sharp turns in the passage as he continues, and some parts of it are blocked by Zingers he is able to defeat with his nut projectiles. After reaching an arrow pointing upwards, which is created by bananas, he can find the letter G in the area directed by the arrow. A solid piece of land with a Spiny walking on it is ahead, and a few Zingers block the passage after it. Once the Zingers are passed, the parrot reaches another Spiny and a curved passage leading to a No Animal Sign. When the sign is passed, the Kongs turn back to normal. A Spiny and few sets of chains with Klingers climbing all over them are ahead of here. If the heroes climb the chains in the far right side of the area, they can find a solid piece of ground with a Banana Bunch, a Banana Coin, and two Extra Life Balloons on it. A spring is ahead of these items, and once the heroes bounce on it, they complete the level.


K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

Rattly discovers the letter O.
  • K: After Squitter passes the second Spiny in the level, he comes up to the letter K near a wall.
  • O: Just before Rattly crosses his No Animal Sign, he reaches a Zinger that floats in the center of an area full of platforms. If Rattly chooses to climb to the platform above this Zinger, he can find the letter O high in the air.
  • N: After the level's halfway point, the Kongs, as Squawks, approach a pair of Krooks to the left and right of them. If Squawks passes the Krook to the left, he can find the letter N in a small alcove.
  • G: Shortly before Squawks's No Animal Sign, the parrot reaches a formation of bananas that direct him to the north, where the letter G can be found.

Bonus Level[edit]

  • Near the beginning of the level, Rattly meets the level's first Zinger. Instead of jumping on this foe to reach the next ledge, the snake should simply hop right past it to enter the Bonus Barrel. Once he is in the Bonus Level, he has to bounce off of many insects to make his way across a wide gap. If he reaches the other side within the time limit of 10 seconds, he can grab the Kremkoin and exit the bonus with the remaining time.

DK Coin[edit]

  • At short while after the first Bonus Barrel, Rattly accesses a large area filled with many platforms. On the first level of platforms, he must bounce his way to the left. He should see the DK Coin in a small alcove around this area.