Rambi Rumble (Donkey Kong Land 2)

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Rambi Rumble
Rambi Rumble DKL2.png
World-Level 3 - 7
World Krazy Kremland
Game Donkey Kong Land 2
Music Flight of the Zinger
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Rambi Rumble is the twenty-second level in Donkey Kong Land 2. It is the seventh area in Krazy Kremland and the last one before the boss.

This hive level is split into two parts, one involving the Kongs running normally throughout it, the other involving them as Rambi the Rhino; the rhino Animal Friend can't stick to honey, unlike Diddy and Dixie. Oddly enough, the level is located in the same wasp hive Hornet Hole took place, as seen on the map of Krazy Kremland. Enemies, such as Zingers, Spinies, Flitters, Klampons, Kutlasses, and Krunchas, appear in this level.

Level layout[edit]

Rambi jumps into a gap.

The level begins with a small hill that has a few Spinies walking along it. A ledge is near the end of the hill that the Kongs can drop down from to find a barrel next to a small section of honey. The honey is sticky, so they cannot walk through it easily. A Spiny is located just ahead in an alcove, which has the first DK Barrel above it. Four more Spinies and a Klampon are on the other side of the alcove on the way up a small hill. The letter K is at the top of this hill near a wall drenched in honey. The sticky substance can be used to climb upwards. Zinger fly in the Kongs' way as they travel up this long wall. A hook can be found at the top of the wall to be used to cross a small gap. If the heroes fall into this gap, they land back at the bottom of the area, being forced to climb back up again. Some honey is splattered along the ground on the other side of the gap. A second abyss is ahead that can be crossed with the aid of a pair of hooks, but a Zinger blocks the Kongs' path. They must dodge the foe and cross the abyss to find another wall covered in a thick layer of honey. When they climb to the top of the wall, they find a Klampon on a flat platform. A DK Barrel is located near here in a lower area. The primates can notice a wide gap to the left of the barrel. The walls along the gaps are coated with honey that they can stick to. With the sticky substance, they can climb downwards to a platform with another Klampon on it. The letter O is also in this area. If the heroes continue down the gap mentioned previously, they can land in a lower area. A Klampon patrols this flat area. A pair of hooks are scattered in the air above the foe. They can be used to reach a platform with the Star Barrel on it.

More hooks are near here. They can be used to reach a pair of walls that are covered in honey. As the heroes climb these walls, they come up to a DK Barrel, many bananas, and several Zingers, some of which that move around small parts of the area. The trail of honey that covers the wall on the right ends about halfway up the area, so the Kongs must continue upwards with only the left wall. At the top of the wall, the primates can reach a small platform. A gap with a lone Zinger in it follows. Klampons also walk along a trail after the gap. After the second Klampon, the heroes reach another gap with a Zinger on the other side of it. A spot of honey with a Spiny marching in it is ahead. Another Spiny and a Klampon are nearby in a slightly lower area that can be reached by dropping from a small ledge. At the end of the pathway, the Kongs run into a stationary Zinger. A series of Barrel Cannons are above the enemy. They can shoot the heroes into an Animal Barrel, which turns them into Rambi the Rhino when entered. A small hill is ahead of here. Once Rambi travels to the edge of the path, he can find an abyss. If he drops into it, falling past a few Zingers on the way, he can land in a flat area with a Spiny in it. There is a small ledge to the left of here that leads down to a slightly lower area with another Spiny and a Zinger.

A second ledge is just ahead that leads into a flat trail with two more Spinies on it. Some spots of sticky honey are also along the ground in this section. Two more ledges can be found after here, but they lead farther up the area. As the rhinoceros progresses up the ledges, he passes over more honey and encounters a Kruncha. Soon, the hero approaches a wide abyss that he can jump into to access another part of the level, where there is a second Kruncha and another Klampon. A Zinger floats in a wide gap just ahead. The rhinoceros can drop into this abyss to reach a flat pathway, which is covered in honey. Klampons also march along it. After climbing a small ledge, the hero passes a No Animal Sign, turning him back into the Kongs and giving them an Extra Life Balloon. There is a small hill nearby with a Spiny walking down it. If the primates drop into the abyss following the hill, they can land at the bottom of the level on a large spot of honey. A Zinger is ahead of here on another section of honey splattered across the ground. After climbing two small ledges, the primates reach a spring. The level is completed when they bounce on it.


K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

  • K: The letter K is immediately before the first honey-covered wall.
  • O: The Kongs can find the letter O next to the second Klampon after the second DK Barrel.
  • N: After the primates turn into Rambi, they can travel to the first gap ahead of them to find the letter N.
  • G: The letter G is shortly before the No Animal Sign. Before dropping down from the large ledge before this sign, Rambi should bounce on a few Zingers above the area to reach the item.

Bonus Levels[edit]

Rambi collects stars in the second Bonus Level.
  • Near the beginning of the level, the heroes climb a wall of honey and then find the third Klampon in the level. Dixie then should be used to hover to the left with her Helicopter Spin, where she bounces off a Flitter and lands into an Auto Fire Barrel. After shooting through a series of Auto Fire Barrels, the primates land in a Bonus Barrel that send them to a Bonus Level. There, the Kongs must defeat four Spinies and two Klampons within the time limit of 25 seconds to make a Kremkoin appear. Two Kannonballs are placed around the area to help them defeat the enemies the walk over the sticky honey. The Kongs are sent back to the main level without the Kremkoin if they hit into an enemy.
  • On the ledge almost immediately before Rambi finds the No Animal Sign, he can see a Zinger high in the air ahead of him. He should bounce off of it and the Zinger hidden ahead of it to reach a platform that holds a Bonus Barrel. It leads to a Bonus Level, where the rhinoceros has 20 seconds to collect 10 stars. After he collects them all, a Kremkoin appears at the end of the stage for him to grab before the remaining time runs out.

DK Coin[edit]

  • After Rambi transforms back to the Kongs, they should jump into the nearby abyss. As they fall, they should stay near the left side to enter a hidden tunnel. If they travel deeper into the tunnel, they can find the DK Coin.