Donkey Kong Land 2

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Donkey Kong Land 2
Donkey Kong Land 2 Box Art.jpg
Developer(s) Rareware
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Game Boy
Release date Game Boy
USA September 30, 1996
Japan November 23, 1996
Europe November 28, 1996
Virtual Console (3DS)
Japan April 16, 2014
Europe October 23, 2014
Australia October 24, 2014
USA February 26, 2015
Genre Platformer
ESRB:ESRB K-A.png - Kids to Adults
CERO:CERO A.png - All ages
Mode(s) Single player
Game Boy:
Media GB icon.png Cartridge
Nintendo 3DS:
Media DL icon.svg Digital download
Game Boy:
Nintendo 3DS:

Donkey Kong Land 2 is a video game developed by Rareware and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy in 1996. It is a sequel to Donkey Kong Land and a predecessor to Donkey Kong Land III. Like its predecessor, the game features a yellow cartridge and special features for the Super Game Boy. The game has a special banana border when played on a Super Game Boy.

Donkey Kong Land 2 is very similar to its counterpart Super Nintendo title, Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, and is often mistaken as a handheld port of it. While it shares the same storyline, areas, and setting, each level received a new layout. Many aspects of Donkey Kong Country 2 were removed or altered for playability on the Game Boy.

The game was eventually re-released on the Nintendo 3DS's Virtual Console in 2014 for Europe, Japan, and Australia, and later in 2015 for North America.


The Kongs begin to climb the island.

The story is essentially a retelling of the events in Donkey Kong Country 2[1] and is the only Donkey Kong Land game to have the same story as its Donkey Kong Country counterpart. Kaptain K. Rool and the Kremling Krew kidnap Donkey Kong and in exchange for Donkey Kong's safe return, the Kremlings demand the Banana Hoard. Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong decline and head on a journey on Crocodile Isle to rescue Donkey Kong.

Avoiding restless bands of enemies, the two heroes travel through several worlds, including the Gangplank Galleon, Krem Cauldron, Krazy Kremland, Gloomy Gulch, and K. Rool's Keep. They fight bosses, such as King Zing, on the way, going through Kremling amusement parks and Zinger hives. Eventually, the Kongs make their way to the top of Crocodile Isle, where they find Donkey Kong tied up in ropes. Before they can rescue him, he is lifted into The Flying Krock. Chasing him into the flying ship, the Kongs meet the leader of the Kremling Krew, Kaptain K. Rool in battle. Eventually, Diddy and Dixie knock out the Kremling leader, and Donkey Kong frees himself from his chains. Before Kaptain K. Rool can attack again, the big ape knocks him out of his ship, sending him into the ocean.

However, even after Donkey Kong is freed, the Kongs' adventure isn't over. After paying a hefty toll of Kremkoins to Klubba, the way into the Kremling's Lost World is revealed. After completing the world, the mouth of the stone crocodile head opens. Inside, Diddy and Dixie meet Kaptain K. Rool again, and the two sides fight a second time. Even with his wide variety of attacks, the Kremling is, again, defeated. Afterwards, the heroes flee from Crocodile Isle, where they, along with Donkey Kong, watch as the Kremling island sinks into the ocean.


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Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong are the main protagonists. The two share basic abilities such as running, jumping, swimming and so forth, and have unique characteristics to set each other apart. Diddy Kong has his signature cartwheel ability and speed advantages, allowing quick maneuvers, but has trouble crossing large abysses. Dixie Kong is not as fast, however can take advantage of her Helicopter Spin to whip enemies, hold Barrels over her head, or slow her descent, allowing her to hover to safety. The player can only control one Kong at a time. They can pick up various Barrels to defeat enemies in the game, utilize floating hooks that can be grabbed to gain height, and climb the various ropes and vines found throughout Crocodile Isle.

In terms of the game's progression, Donkey Kong Land 2 is modeled directly after Donkey Kong Country 2; Each world has a variety of levels that must be beaten to unlock the other ones in the sequence, until the area's boss battle is accessible. After defeating the area boss, the next world is available. This cycle repeats until the end of the game. Within each world, there is a Kong Kollege, where Wrinkly Kong offers to record the game's current progress, and there will be a Funky's Flights, where Funky Kong offers transportation with his Biplane Barrel to get out of the current world and into another one. Within each level, there will be one or two Bonus Levels, accessible from a Bonus Barrel, and a DK Coin. The Bonus Levels need to be completed to amass Kremkoins to be used to access the final area of the game, and DK Coins will help improve Diddy Kong's rank in Cranky's Video Game Heroes. Getting Kremkoins and DK Coins also contribute towards a 100% completion status of the game.

In some levels, Animal Buddy companions can be used to help progress in the stage. Rambi the Rhinoceros returns from Donkey Kong Land, retaining his ability to charge through enemies and obstacles with ease. He can no longer break open bonus areas with his horn due to the implementation of Bonus Barrels to access bonus stages, but he has gained the ability to do a charge. He can ready the charge by holding the "Select" button, and releasing it after he is fully prepared. Enguarde the Swordfish also returns, being the staple underwater animal buddy. He can maneuver underwater easily, defeat aquatic enemies, and can also do a charge thrust similar to Rambi. Rattly the Rattlesnake returns from DK Country 2, and is unchanged; He can jump very high, jump off of all enemies, and can do a charge jump by holding "Select" and releasing. Squawks the Parrot also returns from DKC2 unaltered, where he can freely fly around the levels he's featured in, and attack foes with a nut-spitting attack. Squawks' look-alike Quawks is also usable in his signature level, Parrot Chute Panic. Quawks cannot fly upward or attack foes; It can merely slow its descent. Squitter the Spider is a large arachnid companion that can defeat enemies with a web spit attack, and create web platforms to jump on. Finally, Clapper the Seal is an animal buddy that serves two purposes; After jumping on him, he will either cool off a body of lava, allowing Diddy and Dixie to swim in the cooled water, or freeze a pool of extremely cold water into ice, allowing the heroes to walk across it.

Items and objects[edit]

Standard items[edit]

Image Name Description
DKL2 GB Banana sprite.png Banana Floating fruit found in every level. When 100 are collected, the player is granted one extra life.
DKL2 GB Banana Bunch sprite.png Banana Bunch A bunch of bananas, worth ten bananas. Not as common as regular bananas.
DKL2 GB Banana Coin sprite.png Banana Coins Collectable currency to spend at Wrinkly Kong's Kong Kollege or Funky Kong's Funky's Flights.
DKL2 GB Crate sprite.png Crates Throwable objects that are useful for defeating enemies or opening passageways.
DKL2 GB DK Coin sprite.png DK Coins Rare, large, golden coins with the "DK" logo on them. There is one in each regular level and are not easy to find. Once all are collected Diddy Kong will become a video game hero.
DKL2 GB Letter K sprite.pngDKL2 GB Letter O sprite.pngDKL2 GB Letter N sprite.pngDKL2 GB Letter G sprite.png K-O-N-G Letters A set of four letters found in every level. If all four are collected, the player will earn an extra life.
DKL2 GB No Animal Sign sprite.png No Animal Sign A sign placed in certain levels that prevents taking an Animal Friend beyond that point.
DKL2 GB Treasure Chest sprite.png Treasure Chest An object that contains an item. They can also be picked up like a Crate.
DKL2 GB Extra Life Balloon sprite.png Extra Life Balloon Balloons that grant Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong an extra life when collected.


Image Name Description
DKL2 GB ! Barrel sprite.png ! Barrels Special barrels that grant the Kongs invincibility for a short time.
DKL2 GB Rambi Barrel sprite.pngDKL2 GB Rattly Barrel sprite.pngDKL2 GB Enguarde Barrel sprite.pngDKL2 GB Squawks Barrel sprite.pngDKL2 GB Squitter Barrel sprite.png Animal Barrels Barrels that transform the Kongs into the indicated Animal Friend.
DKL2 GB Barrel sprite.png Barrels Standard barrels that can be thrown like Crates, though they will roll on the ground and defeat multiple enemies.
DKL2 GB Barrel Cannon sprite.png Barrel Cannons Barrels that can fire the Kongs in a set direction.
DKL2 GB Bonus Barrel sprite.png Bonus Barrels Special barrels that will transport the Kongs to a Bonus Area.
DKL2 GB DK Barrel sprite.png DK Barrels Touching one of these barrels will return a defeated Kong back to the game. If there's no defeated Kong, it functions as a standard barrel.
DKL2 GB Barrel Cannon sprite.png Rotatable Barrels Similar to the Barrel Cannons, though they can be aimed by the player's controls.
DKL2 GB Star Barrel sprite.png Star Barrels Barrels that act as level checkpoints.
DKL2 GB TNT Barrel sprite.png TNT Barrels Rare and explosive barrels.


Donkey Kong Land 2 mostly features the same levels and worlds from Donkey Kong Country 2. Crocodile Cauldron and Krem Quay were merged into a single world, Krem Cauldron, and its boss is Kleever. Kudgel does not appear in the game. Two levels were replaced with loosely related ones: Haunted Hall with Krazy Koaster, and Castle Crush with Dungeon Danger.

Levels and Bonus Areas
Gangplank Galleon
# Level Bonus Areas Type of level Music theme
1 Pirate Panic 1 Ship deck Snakey Chantey
2 Mainbrace Mayhem 1 Ship mast Lockjaw's Saga
3 Gangplank Galley 1 Ship deck Lockjaw's Saga
4 Lockjaw's Locker 0 Ship hold Lockjaw's Saga
5 Topsail Trouble 1 Ship mast Lockjaw's Saga
6 BOSS LEVEL: Krow's Nest 0 Ship Mast Crocodile Cacophony
Krem Cauldron
# Level Bonus Areas Type of level Music theme
7 Hothead Hop 2 Lava Hot Head Bop
8 Kannon's Klaim 1 Mines Hot Head Bop
9 Lava Lagoon 2 Ship hold Lockjaw's Saga
10 Redhot Ride 1 Lava Hot Head Bop
11 Squawks's Shaft 2 Mines Hot Head Bop
12 Barrel Bayou 2 Swamp Bayou Boogie
13 Glimmer's Galleon 2 Ship hold Lockjaw's Saga
14 Krockhead Klamber 1 Swamp Bayou Boogie
15 Rattle Battle 1 Ship deck Lockjaw's Saga
16 Slime Climb 1 Ship mast Lockjaw's Saga
17 BOSS LEVEL: Kleaver's Kiln 0 Lava Crocodile Cacophony
Krazy Kremland
# Level Bonus Areas Type of level Music theme
18 Hornet Hole 1 Hive Flight Of The Zinger
19 Target Terror 2 Roller coaster Disco Train
20 Bramble Blast 2 Brambles Stickerbush Symphony
21 Rickety Race 0 Roller coaster Disco Train
22 Bramble Scramble 1 Brambles Stickerbush Symphony
23 Mudhole Marsh 2 Swamp Bayou Boogie
24 Rambi Rumble 2 Hive Flight Of The Zinger
25 BOSS LEVEL: King Zing Sting 0 Hive Crocodile Cacophony
Gloomy Gulch
# Level Bonus Areas Type of level Music theme
26 Ghostly Grove 1 Forest Bayou Boogie
27 Krazy Koaster 1 Roller coaster Disco Train
28 Gusty Glade 2 Forest Bayou Boogie
29 Parrot Chute Panic 2 Hive Flight Of The Zinger
30 Web Woods 1 Forest Bayou Boogie
31 BOSS LEVEL: Kreepy Krow 0 Ship mast Crocodile Cacophony
K. Rool's Keep
# Level Bonus Areas Type of level Music theme
32 Arctic Abyss 2 Ice In a Snow-bound Land
33 Windy Well 1 Mines Hot Head Bop
34 Dungeon Danger 2 Castle Krook's March
35 Clapper's Cavern 1 Ice In a Snow-bound Land
36 Chain Link Chamber 2 Castle Krook's March
37 Toxic Tower 1 Castle Krook's March
38 BOSS LEVEL: Stronghold Showdown 0 Castle False Triumph?
The Flying Krock
# Level Bonus Areas Type of level Music theme
39 Screech's Sprint 1 Brambles Stickerbush Symphony
Run, Rambi! Run!
40 BOSS LEVEL: K. Rool Duel 0 Castle Crocodile Cacophony
Lost World
# Level Bonus Areas Type of level Music theme
41 Jungle Jinx 1 Jungle Stickerbush Symphony
42 Black Ice Battle 1 Ice In a Snow-bound Land
43 Fiery Furnace 1 Lava Hot Head Bop
44 Klobber Karnage 1 Jungle Stickerbush Symphony
45 Animal Antics 1 Jungle Stickerbush Symphony
46 BOSS LEVEL: Krocodile Kore 0 Lava Crocodile Cacophony


Playable characters[edit]

The game features the two playable characters Diddy and Dixie Kong who try to save Donkey Kong from the evil hands of Kaptain K. Rool. Below they are described.

Image Name Description
Diddy Kong DKL2.png Diddy Kong The young gibbon returns in Donkey Kong Land 2 to save Donkey Kong and destroy the Crocodile Isle once again. His light weight makes him faster, but less strong.
Dixie Kong DKL2.png Dixie Kong Diddy's girlfriend, Dixie, accompanies him in his great adventure. Her Helicopter Spin helps her flying above large and deep canions or pits. Like Diddy, she isn't very strong; because of this, she is fast.

Supporting characters[edit]

Heroes can't be left alone. Below are discribed the non-playable characters from the game, which help the two Kongs throughout their adventure.

Image Name Description
Wrinkly Kong DKL2.PNG Wrinkly Kong Just like in Donkey Kong Country 2, this elderly Kong runs the Kong Kollege. She doesn't give tips anymore; instead she saves the player's game, at first for free, and then only by paying her 2 Banana Coins.
Funky Kong DKL2.PNG Funky Kong This Kong returns with the same role he had in Donkey Kong Country 2, by allowing the Kongs to use his Funky Barrel for only 2 Banana Coins to fly in areas they had been previously. This is the only Donkey Kong Land game that he appears in.
Donkey Kong DKL2.PNG Donkey Kong The main character of Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Land was kidnapped by Kaptain K. Rool, and Diddy and Dixie go on an adventure to rescue him.

Animal Friends[edit]

Below is a table with the Animal Friends that appear in Donkey Kong Land 2.

Image Name Description
Clapper the Seal DKL2.PNG Clapper the Seal The seal buddy returns to cool or freeze down the water, depending on the level he appears in.
Enguarde the Swordfish DKL2.PNG Enguarde the Swordfish The well known fish buddy is back in action to help the Kongs swim through the dangerous waters of Crocodile Isle.
Rambi the Rhinoceros DKL2.PNG Rambi the Rhino The powerful animal buddy returns for the fourth time to defeat the Kremlings with his big horn.
Rattly the Rattlesnake DKL2.PNG Rattly the Rattlesnake The snake makes another jump in this game to help the Kongs reach higher places.
Squawks DKL2.png Squawks the Parrot


The friendly parrots are helping the Kongs fly through large mines and deep wasp hives.

Note: Squawks the Parrot and Quawks share the same sprite. This is because of the monochrome graphics of the limited Game Boy.

Squitter the Spider DKL2.PNG Squitter the Spider The creepy spider builds his web in Donkey Kong Land 2, spitting webs to kill enemies or to form temporary platforms.


Normal enemies[edit]


Diddy jumps at a Klomp.
Image Name Description First level appearance Last level appearance
Kaboing DKL2.PNG Kaboing These Kremlings are usually seen jumping around certain areas in levels. Because of their constant jumping, they can easily jump on any Kongs that aren't careful. The heroes have to jump on their heads or cartwheel into them to defeat them. Gangplank Galley Animal Antics
Kannon DKL2.PNG Kannon These large, cannon wielding enemies shoot kannonballs and barrels at the Kongs to attack. They are rather uncommon and can easily be defeated if the heroes jump on their heads or cartwheel into them. Kannon's Klaim Chain Link Chamber
Klampon DKL2.PNG Klampon Similar to the Klaptrap and Krimp enemies of the first and third Donkey Kong Land games, these large foes move across small areas, trying to bite the Kongs. They can easily be defeated with a jump, but cartwheeling cannot always defeat them, as attacking from the front can allow them to bite the Kongs. Hothead Hop Fiery Furnace
Klank DKL2.PNG Klank Although Kutlasses don't appear in Donkey Kong Land 2, Klanks do. They ride Roller Coasters and are very uncommon, as they appear in only one level. They can be defeated by jumping on their heads, but if they are hit from the back, they will get a small boost, making for the player harder to win the race against them. Rickety Race Rickety Race
Klinger DKL2.png Klinger Klingers are always seen climbing on either ropes or chains. After they reach their highest point on the ropes, they slide down in order to hit the primates. They can be defeated by barrels, and the monkeys can also run into their sides to push them off of ropes. Mainbrace Mayhem Toxic Tower
Klobber DKL2.PNG Klobber These common Kremlings hide in barrels throughout many levels. When the apes approach their barrels, they jump out, attempting to push the heroes into a gap. Jumping on them can push them back into their barrels, which can be used to attack some enemies. If the barrel they are in breaks, they are defeated. Pirate Panic Fiery Furnace
Klomp DKL2.png Klomp Klomps are the basic ground enemies in the game. Being the normal types of Kremling soldiers, they appear in many levels, where they simply walk back and fourth. Both jump on them and cartwheeling into them can beat them. Pirate Panic Web Woods
Krochead DKL2.PNG Krockhead These Kremlings serve as platforms for the Kongs that prevent them falling in lava or water. They are usually found staying still, but in some levels, they only appear for a short time, then they sink in the water. Krockhead Barrels are necessary sometimes to make these crocodile-like creatures appear at the surface. Hothead Hop Fiery Furnace (only in a Bonus Area)
Krook DKL2.PNG Krook These enemies appear as Kremlings wearing large coats. They have hooks, which they throw at the Kongs when they pass by. If they miss them, however, the hook acts as a boomerang and heads back to the Krook. Krooks can be defeated if the apes jump on them or cartwheel into them. Squawks's Shaft Toxic Tower
Kruncha DKL2.png Kruncha These large, muscular Kremlings are much like Krushas and Krumples from other Donkey Kong Land games. They walk back and fourth through areas, and, if touched, go on a rampage. At this point, they move faster and hurt the apes with one touch, until they cool down. They can only be defeated with barrels or by Animal Friends.

Note: Because of the monochrome graphics of the Game Boy, the calm Kruncha and the enraged Kruncha share the same sprite.

Mainbrace Mayhem Klobber Karnage

Other enemies[edit]

Dixie runs at a Neek
Image Name Description First level appearance Last level appearance
Click-Clack DKL2.png Click-Clack These enemies appear as small beetles. The Kongs are required to jump on them twice to defeat them. When they jump on them once, the Click-Clacks flip over. The apes can pick them up and throw them at other enemies in this state. However, they flip back over if left alone for a while. Mainbrace Mayhem Gusty Glade
Flitter DKL2.PNG Flitter These foes are long dragonfly-like enemies who often appear flying over large pits. They are usually located in areas like this because, when jumped on, the apes bounce in the air and are able to head over to other Flitters in mid-air. The apes only have to jump on them once to defeat them. Topsail Trouble Animal Antics
Flotsam DKL2.png Flotsam Flotsams are basic underwater enemies. Like Chomps and Kocos from the other Donkey Kong Land games, they simply swim around underwater, trying to hit the heroes. Only Enguarde's sharp nose can defeat them. Lockjaw's Locker Arctic Abyss
LockjawDKL2.png Lockjaw Lockjaws are powerful, shark-like enemies. They swim through underwater areas, and when the Kongs approach, they quickly attack. They can only be defeated by Enguarde, the Kongs' swordfish buddy. Lockjaw's Locker Arctic Abyss
Mini-Necky DKL2.PNG Mini-Necky These small bird enemies hide in the corner of the screen and swoop down at the Kongs when they are near. If they hit the apes, one of the monkeys are damaged, however, the heroes can jump on them as they swoop down to defeat them.

Note: In the ending credits, Mini-Neckies are listed as Neckies.

Kannon's Klaim Kreepy Krow
Neek DKL2.png Neek Like Klomps, Neeks are very basic enemies. They are small rats that simply move back and fourth over flat surfaces. Unless the apes are performing a cartwheel attack, touching them on the sides hurts the monkeys. However, a simple jump can easily defeat them. Pirate Panic Animal Antics
Puftup DKL2.PNG
Surprised Puftup.PNG
Puftup These underwater foes usually sit in the water and get in the Kongs way, although some of them explode when approached as well, shooting spikes throughout the area. They hurt the monkeys if they are touched, and can therefore only be defeated by Enguarde the Swordfish. Lava Lagoon Arctic Abyss
Screech DKL2.PNG Screech Possibly Kaptain K. Rool's pet, this evil parrot returns to get revenge against Squawks the Parrot in a race that takes place in the level Screech's Sprint. He cannot be defeated directly, nor can he hurt the parrot buddy. The advantage of Screech is that he can pass without any regard through the Zingers in this level. Screech's Sprint Screech's Sprint
Shuri DKL2.png Shuri Another species of underwater enemies. These starfish foes spiral as they head towards the monkeys. If they hit the monkeys, the apes take damage. Like other underwater enemies, Shuries can only be defeated by Enguarde. Lockjaw's Locker Arctic Abyss
Spiny DKL2.PNG Spiny These spiky foes travel back and fourth in most levels and hurt the Kongs if touched at all, unless the monkeys cartwheel into their face. Objects, such as barrels, can also be thrown at these foes to defeat them. Hornet Hole Animal Antics
Zinger DKL2.png Zinger These wasps are one of the most commonly-appearing foes in the game. They serve as obstacles that easily get in the Kongs' way. Touching them always hurts the Kongs' unless they are under the effect of an Invincibility Barrel. Only objects thrown at them or an Animal Friend attacks can defeat them. Hornet Hole Animal Antics


Image Name Description
Krow DKL2.png Krow This overgrown Necky is the game's first boss, located at the crow's nest of the Gangplank Galleon. He attacks by throwing eggs at the Kongs. Sometimes, the eggs land on the mast below, and the Kongs are able to run over and pick them up. If they throw the eggs back at Krow, he is eventually defeated, allowing the apes to progress.
Kleaver DKL2.png Kleaver This enemy appears as a large sword that shoots fireballs at the Kongs. Sometimes, it shoots a barrel at them, which they can break to find a kannonball. After he is hit by the kannonball, he chases the apes over a large gap of fire. As the battle progresses, Kleaver's attacks become faster and more powerful, until the enemy is hit by enough kannonballs and perishes.
King Zing DKL2.png King Zing This large Zinger is fought in a hive. While fighting him, the player controls Squawks, who must shoot the wasp's stinger with his eggs. After being hit a few times, the foe moves much faster and sends out smaller Zingers to attack the parrot. The apes can progress to Gloomy Gulch once he is defeated.
Krow DKL2.png Kreepy Krow This enemy is the ghost of Krow, who is fought in a similar way. After the Kongs avoid several Mini-Neckies summoned by Kreepy Krow, an egg falls to the ground, and it must be used to defeat the ghost. Eventually, Kreepy Krow travels higher up the stage, and the monkeys must chase him by using the hooks and ropes that appear. If they manage to hit him with enough eggs, the bird is defeated once and for all.

Note: Krow and Kreepy Krow share the same sprite.

Kaptain K. Rool DKL2.png Kaptain K. Rool This Kremling enemy is the final boss of the game. He attacks by shooting kannonballs at the Kongs, some of which have spikes on them. He also slides around the small stage in order to hit the Kongs. Sometimes, he shoots barrels at the Kongs, which can be broken to reveal another kannonball. The kannonball can be thrown into his cannon, causing it to backfire and defeat him. However, the crocodile is fought later in the Lost World, where his attacks are much longer. faster, and more deadly, A kannonball must be thrown into his cannon to defeat him once and for all.

Cheat codes[edit]

The English version of the game has three cheat codes the player can implement. The codes do not work on the Japanese version. While on the title screen, the player has to hold left or right, and input one of the below combinations. If done correctly, an extra life sound effect will play.

  • 50 lives: A Button, A Button, B Button, B Button
  • 40 Banana Coins: B Button, B Button, A Button, A Button
  • 47 Kremkoins: A Button, B Button, A Button, B Button (in order to get 100% completion, the standard Kremkoins must still be collected)


Release Reviewer, Publication Score Comment
Nintendo 3DS Dave Frear, Nintendo Life 7/10 "With more levels to play through and extra items to collect Donkey Kong Land 2 is certainly a bigger game than its predecessor, however it's not quite as impressive due to being a bit too similar to Diddy's SNES outing. Luckily the varied bunch of levels and enemies ensure that the game is still fun to play through. There's some cracking music, too, and with the amount of content Rare managed to cram into the game there's enough here to keep players occupied for some time."
Compiler Platform / Score
GameRankings 79.00%


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Pre-release and unused content[edit]

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Name in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドンキーコングランド
Donkī Kongu Rando
Donkey Kong Land


  • The box art depicts Glimmer the Angler Fish, even though he doesn't appear in the game. Said box art was later used for the title screen in the European Game Boy Advance remake of Donkey Kong Country 2.


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