Donkey Kong Land III

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Donkey Kong Land III
Donkey Kong Land 3 Box Art.jpg
Dinky and Dixie Kong GBC cover art.jpg
Developer(s) Rareware
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Game Boy, Game Boy Color
Release date Game Boy
USA October 1, 1997
Europe October 30, 1997
Game Boy Color
Japan January 28, 2000
Virtual Console (3DS)
Japan May 7, 2014
Europe October 30, 2014
Australia October 31, 2014
USA February 26, 2015
Genre Platformer
ESRB:ESRB K-A.png - Kids to Adults
CERO:CERO A.png - All ages
Mode(s) 1 player
Game Boy:
Media GB icon.png Cartridge
Game Boy Color:
Media GBC icon.png Cartridge
Nintendo 3DS:
Media DL icon.svg Digital download
Game Boy:
Game Boy Color:
Nintendo 3DS:

Donkey Kong Land III (or Donkey Kong Land 3) is a video game for the Game Boy developed by Rareware and published by Nintendo in 1997. It is loosely based on the Super Nintendo game, Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!, as it shares a similar setting and characters and stars Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong. Donkey Kong Land III is the third and final entry of the Donkey Kong Land series. Like its two predecessors, it had specific Super Game Boy enhancements, including its own border, this one pocket watch themed, and is housed on a yellow cartridge.

The original Game Boy game was never released in Japan. Instead, it received a Game Boy Color port in 2000, with the unique title, Donkey Kong GB: Dinky Kong & Dixie Kong (ドンキーコングGB ディンキーコング&ディクシーコング). Unlike Wario Land II's port, it is not backward compatible with the Game Boy, which is evident from the transparent cartridge the game is contained in.

Like its two predecessors, Donkey Kong Land III was released on the Nintendo 3DS's Virtual Console. The Game Boy Color port was released in Japan on May 7, 2014, while the original Game Boy port was released in Europe and Australia in October 2014 and North America in February 2015.


The game's story takes place after the events of Donkey Kong Land 2, and the Northern Kremisphere is at peace once more. During the story, announcements of a contest to find the fabled Lost World, which was said to have dominated legends for centuries, attracted "would-be" explorers all over the world to seize the long awaited chance of fame and fortune. Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and Baron K. Roolenstein all hear of the contest, and the Kongs set out leaving Dixie Kong with her cousin, Kiddy Kong. Wanting to become part of the competition themselves, she and Kiddy decided to show the other competitors that they are just as good as the others. The story's description ends with Kiddy, not knowing much about what was going on, following Dixie into the jungle.

Dixie and Kiddy will confront Baron K. Roolenstein at the end of Tin Can Valley, and upon defeating him, he will retreat to the Lost World. In order to access the Lost World, the Kongs must collect all of the DK Coins and Watches in the Northern Kremisphere. DK Coins are found within each level, and Watches are obtained by finishing Bear's Memory mini-game in each world. In order to access the mini-game, the heroes need a certain amount of Bonus Coins, which are won from Bonus Areas within each level. Within the Lost World, the Kongs must collect all the DK Coins and the final Watch to have a final showdown with Baron K. Roolenstein. Emerging victorious from the battle will crown Dixie and Kiddy as the victors of the contest. Baron K. Roolenstein will then concede the remaining six Watches and allow the Kongs to try out the Time Attack mode.


Donkey Kong Land III continues the Donkey Kong Country-style gameplay. The player controls two different characters, Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong, as they progress through levels. Along the way, several minions of K. Rool and other obstacles hinder the two. Items, including Bananas and Bear Coins, are also scattered throughout levels. Dixie and Kiddy retain most of their abilities from Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! Dixie can use her ponytail as a whip or spin in it a helicopter-like fashion to slow her fall. Kiddy is a heavyweight, allowing him to hurt certain enemies Dixie can't (i.e. Krumple). However, they both lost the ability to pick each other up and throw each other due to the limitations of the Game Boy; the Team-up ability has been removed. When exploring levels, the pair must avoid enemies and use their attributes to safely move on. In levels, they can come across bonus rooms and items essential to finish the game. Also within each world is a Sheepy Shop run by Bear. If Dixie and Kiddy have enough Bonus Coins, Bear will allow them to play Memory, a memorization based mini-game.

Certain levels allow the usage of Animal Buddy companions. The Kongs can transform into these animals by using Animal Barrels. There are a variety of buddies in the game, and they can help progress through the levels they're featured in. Enguarde the Swordfish returns from the previous games, being an adept swimmer, and can use his bill stab attack to defeat aquatic adversaries. Enguarde lost the ability to do a charge stab, but is no longer needed because there are no bonus rooms found by breaking open a wall underwater. Ellie the Elephant returns and can now use her water spray attack without having to acquire more water. She also no longer has a Sneek phobia. Squawks the Parrot is playable, unchanged from previous games, he can freely fly around and use a nut-spitting attack to defeat enemies encountered, including Buzz enemies. Lastly, Squitter the Spider is the fourth playable animal buddy. He can use a web spit attack and create web platforms to get over abysses, or gain height.

Donkey Kong Land III features six worlds, with six levels in each world. A boss battle appears at the end of each world, and must be completed to unlock the following world. The game is only considered 97% complete if the player collects every Watch, DK Coin, and Bonus Coin; a full 103% completion is only possible if every high score is beaten in the Time Attack mode.

Items and objects[edit]

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Image Name Description
Banana Floating fruit found in every level. When 100 are collected, the player is granted one extra life.
Banana Bunch A bunch of bananas, worth ten bananas. Not as common as regular bananas.
Bear Coins Collectable currency needed to pay Bear and play his Memory game.
Bonus Coins Collectable coins found at the end of Bonus Areas.
DK Coins Rare, large, golden coins with the "DK" logo on them. There is one in each regular level and are not easy to find. Once all are collected Diddy Kong will become a video game hero.
Extra Life Balloons Floating balloons that grant an extra life upon collecting them. Usually in hard to reach places. Oddly, they resemble Diddy Kong, even though he is not playable in the game.
K-O-N-G Letters A set of four letters found in every level. If all four are collected, the player will earn an extra life.


Image Name Description
Animal Barrels Barrels that transform the Kongs into the indicated Animal Friend.
Barrels Standard barrels that can be thrown like Crates, though they will roll on the ground and defeat multiple enemies.
Barrel Cannons Barrels that can fire the Kongs in a set direction.
Boo Barrels A type of Auto-Fire Barrel Cannon that appears in caves, but also has a tendency to disappear like a ghost.
Booster Barrels Special barrels that fly upward and then launch the Kongs. Not very common, but are abundant in levels that feature them, like Rocketeer Rally.
DK Barrels Touching one of these barrels will return a defeated Kong back to the game. If there's no defeated Kong, it functions as a standard barrel.
Steel Barrels Similar to the regular Barrel, but they can bounce off walls and can defeat stronger enemies.
Tracker Barrels Barrels that launch the Kongs upward, and then follow them as they move in the air.
Warp Barrels Barrels that transport the Kongs to the end of the level. Usually located in hard to find areas near the beginning of certain levels.


The overworld map of the Northern Kremisphere in Donkey Kong Land III.

The game features over thirty levels, each with a similar theme to the levels in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! Each non-boss level also contains two Bonus Levels, which must all be completed to unlock Time Attack mode.

Levels and Bonus Areas
Cape Codswallop
# Level Bonus Areas Type of level Music theme
1 Red Wharf 2 Stilt Stilt Village
2 Seabed Shanty 2 Coral Water World
3 Ford Knocks 2 Stilt Stilt Village
4 Total Rekoil 2 Mill Mill Fever
5 Koco Channel 2 River Enchanted Riverbank
6 Liftshaft Lottery 2 Mill Mill Fever
7 BOSS LEVEL: Barbos Bastion 0 Coral Big Boss Blues
Primate Plains
# Level Bonus Areas Type of level Music theme
8 Coral Quarrel 2 Coral Water World
9 Minky Mischief 2 Tree Treetop Tumble
10 Jetty Jitters 2 Stilt Stilt Village
11 Black Ice Blitz 2 Snow Hot Pursuit
12 Riverbank Riot 2 River Enchanted Riverbank
13 Miller Instinct 2 Mill Mill Fever
14 BOSS LEVEL: Bleak Magic 0 Snow Big Boss Blues
Blackforest Plateau
# Level Bonus Areas Type of level Music theme
15 Rocketeer Rally 2 Falls Cascade Capers
16 Vertigo Verge 2 Cliff Rockface Rumble
17 Polar Pitfalls 2 Snow Cascade Capers
18 Surface Tension 2 River Enchanted Riverbank
19 Tundra Blunda 2 Snow Cascade Capers
20 Redwood Rampage 2 Tree Treetop Tumble
21 BOSS LEVEL: Arich Attack 0 Tree Big Boss Blues
Great Ape Lakes
# Level Bonus Areas Type of level Music theme
22 Jungle Jeopardy 2 Jungle Jungle Jitter
23 Footloose Falls 2 Falls Cascade Capers
24 Deep Reef Grief 2 Coral Water World
25 Karbine Kaos 2 Machine Nuts and Bolts
26 Simian Shimmy 2 Tree Treetop Tumble
27 Rockface Chase 2 Cliff Rockface Rumble
28 BOSS LEVEL: Krazy KAOS 0 Machine Big Boss Blues
Tin Can Valley
# Level Bonus Areas Type of level Music theme
29 Tropical Tightropes 2 Jungle Jungle Jitter
30 Clifftop Critters 2 Cliff Rockface Rumble
31 Rickety Rapids 2 Falls Cascade Capers
32 Bazuka Bombard 2 Machine Nuts and Bolts
33 Ugly Ducting 2 Tube Cavern Caprice
34 Stalagmite Frights 2 Cave Cavern Caprice
35 BOSS LEVEL: K Rool Duel[sic] 0 Tube Big Boss Blues
The Lost World
# Level Bonus Areas Type of level Music theme
36 Whiplash Dash 2 Tube Hot Pursuit
37 Kuchuka Karnage 2 Machine Nuts and Bolts
38 Haunted Hollows 2 Cave Cavern Caprice
39 Rainforest Rumble 2 Jungle Junglle Jitter
40 Barrel Boulevard 2 Machine Nuts and Bolts
41 Ghoulish Grotto 2 Cave Cavern Caprice
42 BOSS LEVEL: K Rools Last Stand[sic] 0 Cave Big Boss Blues


Playable characters[edit]

Image Name Description
Dixie Kong DKL2.png Dixie Kong Dixie Kong makes her final appearance in the Donkey Kong Land series. Her long ponytail can help her use the Helicopter Spin to hover above pits and other obstacles; this ability can also be used to defeat various enemies. She, along with Kiddy, is searching for the mysterious Lost World.
Kiddy Kong DKLIII.png Kiddy Kong The younger but stronger cousin of Dixie returns to help her discover the Lost World and defeat the greedy reptile Baron K. Roolenstein. He can stomp baddies by jumping on them; he can also defeat those bad guys by rolling over them.

Supporting characters[edit]

Image Name Description
Wrinkly Kong DKLIII.png Wrinkly Kong Donkey Kong Land III is the last game in the Donkey Kong franchise in which Wrinkly Kong is depicted alive, not counting any remakes. She appears in the Wrinkly Refuge levels, where she saves the player's game. She is always shown playing video games, possibly on a Nintendo 64.
Bear DKLIII.png Bear Bear is a Brothers Bear that owns the Sheepy Shop in every world of the game. He is offering the Kongs to play a memory game for a certain amount of Bonus Coins. He also provides hints pertaining to other levels and offers the Kongs to test his teleport, which can warp them to any location in the Northern Kremisphere.

Animal Friends[edit]

Image Name Description First Level Appearance Last Level Appearance
Ellie the Elephant DKLIII.png Ellie the Elephant Ellie returns in Donkey Kong Land III. She can spray unlimited water from her trunk without having to refill, but she can no longer carry barrels. She also no longer runs away from Sneeks. Footloose Falls Rainforest Rumble
Enguarde the Swordfish DKL2.PNG Enguarde the Swordfish Enguarde helps the Kongs swim easier and faster. His sharp pointed bill can defeat the enemies in one shot. Seabed Shanty Deep Reef Grief
Squawks DKL2.png Squawks the Parrot Squawks is necessary for the Kongs to reach very tall and inaccessible areas. Minky Mischief Ghoulish Grotto
Squitter the Spider DKL2.PNG Squitter the Spider Squitter's webs can defeat the most of the enemies, and they can also be used as platforms. Koco Channel Haunted Hollows


Normal enemies[edit]


Image Name Description First level appearance Last level appearance
Bazuka DKLIII.PNG Bazuka Bazukas are dragon-like Kremlings that hold large bazookas. With these, they can shoot barrels that could harm the Kongs. These enemies are indestructible; the game lacks TNT Barrels which are needed in order to defeat them, as seen in Donkey Kong Country 3. Jungle Jeopardy Barrel Boulevard
Klasp DKLIII.PNG Klasp These enemies hang from rope and move side to side in a fixed pattern. They are explosive, and once touched, the Kong gets hurt. Jetty Jitters Barrel Boulevard
Knocka DKL3.PNG Knocka Knockas are Kremlings hidden in barrels. When one Kong approaches them, they start running into him. They are no real danger, as they only try to ram the player, and can simply get grounded by jumping on them, knocking the enemies back into their barrel; after this, the barrel they hide in can be picked up and thrown to their doom. Liftshaft Lottery Barrel Boulevard
Kobble DKLIII.PNG Kobble Kobbles are the basic wandering Kremlings. They can be defeated by any attack method, but they are dangerous if they get touched by the Kongs. Red Wharf Ghoulish Grotto
Koin DKLIII.PNG Koin Koins are Kremlings that wear buckets on their heads and use DK Coins to protect them against the Kongs. The monkeys must find a Steel Barrel and throw it over the Koin, then it will rebound off the wall; while the Kremling is distracted, the keg will hit it from behind. Thus, the Koin is defeated, dropping the DK Coin to the Kongs. Red Wharf Ghoulish Grotto
Kopter DKLIII.PNG Kopter These Kremlings wear helicopter blades that, by spinning, maintain them in the air. They can be defeated by simply jumping on them, unlike in Donkey Kong Country 3. Footloose Falls Ghoulish Grotto
Krimp DKLIII.PNG Krimp These Kremlings are aggressive small creatures. They are only wandering on the level map, just like Kobbles; they can also be defeated using any attack method, but if one Kong tries to roll into their front, he will get hurt. However, the Krimp's top and back side are vulnerable. Koco Channel Rainforest Rumble
Krumple DKLIII.PNG Krumple A very powerful Kremling that is almost invulnerable, as only Kiddy's jump attack can defeat it. Jetty Jitters Ghoulish Grotto
Kuchuka DKLIII.PNG Kuchuka Kuchukas are stationary Kremlings that cannot directly harm the Kongs, but can throw small bombs at them, which are dangerous. Although they hide in barrels just like Knockas, they can't be picked up; thus, they're indestructible. Stalagmite Frights Ghoulish Grotto
Rekoil DKLIII.PNG Rekoil Kremlings that are vulnerable to every attack pattern. However, they keep bouncing on their spring-shaped tails, making them a bit hard for the player to defeat them. Total Rekoil Ghoulish Grotto
Skidda DKLIII.PNG Skidda These Kremlings are only found in the snow levels of the game. They keep sliding out of control on the slippery icy ground, and the Kongs can defeat them by using any attack pattern. Black Ice Blitz Tundra Blunda

Other enemies[edit]

Image Name Description First level appearance Last level appearance
Bazza DKLIII.PNG Bazza Bazzas are barracuda-like fish that swim in a straight line, appearing and disappearing in underwater holes. Like every fish enemy in the game, they cannot be defeated directly by the Kongs. Therefore, Enguarde is necessary to destroy them. Seabed Shanty Deep Reef Grief
Booty Bird DKLIII.PNG Booty Bird These are fat bird enemies that hold various items in their belly. To get these items, the Booty Bird must be defeated by the Kongs. Every attack pattern is acceptable to defeat the bird enemy. Ford Knocks Bazuka Bombard
Bounty Bass DKLIII.PNG Bounty Bass The aquatic enemies, Bounty Basses, are a fish species that carry collectible items in them, just like Booty Birds. However, only Enguarde could smash them. Seabed Shanty Haunted Hollows
Bristles DKLIII.PNG Bristles These hedgehog-like creatures are defended by their set of quills on the top and on the back side of them. However, their front side is vulnerable and not prickly. The Kongs may attack them on the face. Liftshaft Lottery Ghoulish Grotto
Buzz DKLIII.PNG Buzz Buzzes are mechanical wasps found very often in the game. They seem to not get bothered by any of the Kongs attacks, so the barrels and the animal buddies' attack patterns are the only ways to doom those insects. Ford Knocks Ghoulish Grotto
Karbine DKLIII.PNG Karbine These are owl-like robotic enemies that wield large carbines (hence their name). They cannot hurt the Kongs directly; however, using their weapons, Karbines can shoot fireballs, dangerous to the apes. They are invulnerable. Karbine Kaos Barrel Boulevard
Koco DKLIII.PNG Koco Kocos are clownfish-like enemies that swim aimlessly underwater. They are vulnerable to Enguarde's stabbing bill. Seabed Shanty Haunted Hollows
Lemguin DKLIII.PNG Lemguin Lemguins jump out of underground holes and slide on the icy ground, just like penguins do. Their beak and even their back side are the parts of their body that harm the Kongs. They can be defeated by stomping them on the top. Polar Pitfalls Tundra Blunda
Lurchin DKLIII.PNG Lurchin These urchin-like enemies stay underwater. They have spiky shells that protect them even by Enguarde's bill. However, the animal buddy may stab the Lurchins whenever they open up their shells, thus revealing their body. Seabed Shanty Haunted Hollows
Minky DKLIII.PNG Minkey Minkeys are monkeys that throw acorns at the Kongs; these acorns can only be dodged. Minkeys are invulnerable to any attack pattern. Minky Mischief Simian Shimmy
Nid DKLIII.PNG Nid Nids are spider creatures that wear planks of wood on their back; they constantly jump. They aren't really enemies, as they cannot hurt the Kongs anyway and neither be defeated. Also, their planks can be used as platforms for the Kongs. This way, the apes can reach higher places. Minky Mischief Simian Shimmy
Niknak DKLIII.PNG Niknak These insect-like enemies appear to be flying beetles. They can be defeated by any attack pattern of the Kongs, and can also be used as temporary platforms to reach higher areas by jumping on their tops. Ford Knocks Rainforest Rumble
Sneek DKLIII.PNG Sneek Sneeks are rat-like enemies and also the weakest enemies in the game. They walk aimlessly on the ground and can be defeated by any attack. Red Wharf Ghoulish Grotto


Image Name Description
Barbos DKLIII.PNG Barbos Barbos is the first boss of Donkey Kong Land III. She is encountered in Barbos Bastion from the world Cape Codswallop. Only the left side of Barbos can be seen, the rest remaining hidden off the camera. She shoots three Lurchins each time she is hit, and can only be defeated with these using Enguarde the Swordfish.

Note: In this level, when hit by Enguarde, Lurchins act differently. Once they get pulled by the Enguarde's bill, the Lurchins bounce off the walls, ending up in Barbos, hitting her.

Bleak DKLIII.PNG Bleak Bleak is the second boss of the game, found in Bleak Magic, the boss level of the second world, Primate Plains. He just stands still shooting large snowballs from his hat at the Kongs. He can be defeated by throwing barrels at him four times.
Arich DKLIII.PNG Arich Arich, the third boss of the game encountered in the level Arich Attack from Blackforest Plateau, is a large spider that attacks either by descending at the Kongs or by spitting small balls of venom at them. He can be grounded with four stomps.
KAOS DKL3 sprite.png KAOS KAOS, the fourth boss in the game, fights the two Kongs in the stage Krazy KAOS from the world Great Ape Lakes. He is a robot programmed by K. Rool to destroy the duo, as he tries to roast them two with his flames. The Kongs can only walk under him, but occasionally KAOS will stop in the middle of the screen and will begin spin blade-like platforms, which are necessary for Dixie and Kiddy to reach his weak point, his head. When these platforms come out of him, KAOS will also extend punching gloves that will push the Kongs off, so they must hurry up to his top.
Baron K Roolenstein DKLIII.png Baron K. Roolenstein Baron K. Roolenstein is the fifth and final boss of the game, fought two times: first in the level K Rool Duel of Tin Can Valley, where he shoots electric beams at the Kongs (he will also fly through the level map trying to get the Kongs, and will start bouncing if hit by a barrel - four of these are needed to beat him), and second in the level K Rools Last Stand in the Lost World, where he will additionally throw bombs, his attack pattern otherwise remaining unchanged. If beaten the second time, the player wins the game.

Time Attack mode[edit]

The Time Attack menu
Dixie Kong walking in Polar Pitfalls in the Time Attack mode

The player can unlock the Time Attack mode by completing the game with every Bonus Coin, every DK Coin, and by defeating Baron K. Roolenstein in the Lost World. By doing so, the player can instantly access the Time Attack mode by opening a game file where it was unlocked. The "RE-ENTER GAME" option at the bottom allows the player exit back into the main game.

Time Attack lists twelve levels on a wooden dashboard. Each of these levels do not appear under their usual name but rather named after their theme, such as "Cave" or "Machine". The objective of Time Attack is for Dixie Kong or Kiddy Kong to complete a level within a time limit. Once this is done in every level, the player completes the game entirely, with a 103% ranking.

When the player starts the level, an on-screen timer appears at the bottom of the screen, keeping track of their time as move through the level. If the player completes the level under the default time or their previous time, it overwrites the previous time. If the player finishes a level below the default time, an exclamation mark appears next to the level's name.

In the Game Boy version, the most recent time is displayed on the bottom of the screen (unless the player exits a level with Start Button+Select Button or loses a life). For reasons unknown, this was removed from the Game Boy Color version.

Levels and times[edit]

Theme Level Time
Stilt Ford Knocks 0:48.00
Mill Liftshaft Lottery 1:30.00
Snow Polar Pitfalls 0:53.00
River Riverbank Riot 0:55.00
Coral Seabed Shanty 1:20.00
Tree Simian Shimmy 1:22.00
Cliff Clifftop Critters 1:20.00
Machine Bazuka Bombard 1:40.00
Falls Rickety Rapids 2:00.00
Cave Stalagmite Frights 1:45.00
Jungle Tropical Tightropes 0:58.00
Tube Whiplash Dash 0:46.00

Version differences[edit]

Wrinkly Refuge DKL3.png
Wrinkly Refuge DKL3c.png

The Game Boy Color port, Donkey Kong GB: Dinky Kong & Dixie Kong, featured some differences from its original iteration. It is mostly a direct color port of Donkey Kong Land III and is not as different from the original like the handheld ports of the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy were.

General changes:

  • The player's last time is no longer displayed on Time Attack.
  • Due to the game being on a Game Boy Color (which boasts a faster CPU), there is less lag. An example is in Clifftop Critters, where less lag eliminates the possibility of deaths in which the Kongs lose a life from falling too far down.
    • Additionally, the title screen's Jetty Jitters demo is not synchronized, and the Kongs cannot reach the end of the level. This is because of timing differences between the Game Boy and Game Boy Color, which has a faster CPU.
  • In the original version, there was a bug where Dixie and Kiddy could enter the Lost World without enough DK Coins; this was fixed for the Game Boy Color version.

Graphical changes:

  • The splash screen and title screen were slightly redesigned.
  • The game features fewer animations. The world maps are not animated, and the interior of Wrinkly Refuge and Sheepy Shop do not have flashing lights. Bear is also no longer animated.
  • When text appears on-screen, it appears one character at a time, somewhat like a typewriter. The original version displayed all the text at once.
  • The game does not clearly indicate when it is paused. This is because the screen does not darken upon being paused, unlike the original.

Revisional differences[edit]

Two versions of this game are known to exist for the North American release. The easiest way to tell the difference are the two title screens.

DKL3 Title Screen.png
DKL3 Title Screen alt.png

Cheat codes[edit]

Like its prequel, Donkey Kong Land 2, Donkey Kong Land III features cheat codes that the player can activate by entering a certain button combination from the title screen. This plays a sound effect, and most cheats go into effect when the player enters a save file.

Unlike Donkey Kong Land 2, this game only uses the D-Pad for its button combination instead of the A Button and B Button buttons. Cheats appear in both the original and Color versions of Donkey Kong Land III, whereas cheats did not appear in the Japanese version of Donkey Kong Land 2.

  • Pressing Up, Down, Up, Left, Right grants Dixie and Kiddy fifty extra lives.
  • Pressing Up, Up, Down, Left, Right causes the player to play the mini-game Memory after they exit from the title screen.
  • Pressing Up, Down, Left, Left, Down, Up, Right unlocks every area except the Lost World. The Watches, Bonus Coins, and DK Coins are not unlocked.
  • Pressing either Left, Up, Down, or Select Button changes the level of the title screen's gameplay demo, depending on the number of times every button is pressed. The Kongs eventually die in every gameplay demo, except for the default Jetty Jitters demo in the original Game Boy release:


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Pre-release and unused content[edit]

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Release Reviewer, Publication Score Comment
Nintendo 3DS Dave Frear, Nintendo Life 9/10 "Rare have once again stuck a lot of content into the game, providing good value for your money. Like the rest of the series it features a varied collection of enemies and locations for you to work your way through. It may not do anything new but it does do things well. Donkey Kong Land III is a good looking, great sounding Game Boy title, but more importantly it's a lot of fun to play. The best of the DKL trilogy and one of the best options for 3DS-owning platform fans.'"
Nintendo 3DS Joe Merrick, Nintendo Insider 8/10 "Donkey Kong Land III is a decent enough platformer, but it feels somewhat half-hearted. There’s less to do outside the stages and they aren’t quite as creative as you’d expect from the series. That’s not to say it is bad, as it does what it provides extremely well, rather that it falls short of expectation. There’s still fun to be had, and it’s definitely worth playing if you’re a fan of the series.'"
Nintendo 3DS Bryan Rose, Nintendo World Report 7/10 "I’ve come to the same conclusion with Donkey Kong Land 3 as I have with its predecessor. It’s a relatively fun game for a few hours, with tons of leeway for replay. The graphics were more annoying than DKL2, enough to impede gameplay, but in the end I still had fun with the game. It provides a few hours of enjoyable gameplay, and again it’s a nice trip down memory lane.'"
Compiler Platform / Score
GameRankings 81.25%


According to Rareware's website, 600,000 copies of Donkey Kong Land III had been produced as of 1999[1] .

Name in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドンキーコングGB ディンキーコング&ディクシーコング
Donkī Kongu Jībī Dinkī Kongu ando Dikushī Kongu
Donkey Kong GB: Dinky Kong and Dixie Kong


  • Despite his name being featured in the title, Donkey Kong does not appear in Donkey Kong Land III. However, he is mentioned in the manual's story. Aside from Diddy Kong Racing, this game is the only title of the Donkey Kong series that he does not appear in.
  • The game's soundtrack consists of 8-bit re-orchestrations of the music from Donkey Kong Country 3. However, the tracks "Frosty Frolics" and "Pokey Pipes" do not appear; the snow and pipe levels use "Cascade Capers" and "Cavern Caprice" instead, respectively. In addition, "Rocket Run" is programmed into the game—however, it is unused and can only be accessed by ROM hacking.
  • Several elements from Donkey Kong Land III were later used for the Game Boy Advance port of Donkey Kong Country 3, for example, when the player automatically collects the DK Coin from defeating Koin.