Barrel Boulevard

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Barrel Boulevard
Barrel Boulevard DKL3c.png
World-Level 6-5
Game Donkey Kong Land III
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Barrel Boulevard is the thirty-fifth level in the classic Game Boy and Game Boy Color game, Donkey Kong Land III. It is also the fifth area in The Lost World and the final factory level.

Taking place in the game's final factory level, the heroes encounter a hazard seen in other factory levels. They find several Bazukas in the level, along with many barrels. Bazukas appear all over this level, and they can be a major hazard if the Kongs aren't careful. These foes, however, can also be a help on the monkeys' quest, as their barrel-blasting cannons can shoot out barrels, which can be used to cross wide abysses. Moving platforms and tightropes also appear often in this level to help the monkeys cross tubs of hot lava. Barrel Boulevard features many other enemies next to Bazukas, including Bristles, Sneeks, Krumples, Re-Koils, Karbines, Buzzes, Knockas, Klasps, and Kobbles.

Level layout[edit]

From the start of the level, the Kongs must walk down the factory's path to find a barrel. It blasts them to a lower area, where they meet a Bazuka. They need to jump over the foe and grab the letter K in an alcove. Farther on, they find some more Bazukas to avoid, along with some Krumples. Soon, the apes need to drop down to a platform and ride down on an elevator, while watching out for a lone Karbine, to reach a lower area. There, they meet another Bazuka and the letter O. The group have to continue through the level from there and travel west, defeating some more enemies. After dropping into a couple of small pits, the Kongs find another Bazuka to dodge. Passing this foe, they need to fall through another pit and hit the Star Barrel around some platforms jutting out of the walls.

Halfway through the level, the heroes ride down an elevator to grab onto a rope. They have to climb across this long rope while dodging a Klasp to reach solid ground again. There, they need to defeat a few Bristles and hop down some more ledges, finding other enemies to beat. Soon, they have to jump platform to platform and dodge a Karbine to reach a lower area of the level. After hitting into the letter N, they grab onto another tightrope. Climbing across this will lead the heroes into more enemies. They must avoid each of the Buzzes and Karbines to end up in a small space with a Knocka. After this, they need to fall into a small gap and head under some Buzzes to find a barrel. It blasts them to the letter G and then to the next floor of the level. From there, they have to travel west again and defeat a few more enemies to find another barrel. It can blast the heroes into another chain of barrels to get to an even lower part of the stage. At this point, Kiddy Kong and Dixie Kong need to ride down an elevator to find a rope. They have to climb along the rope and let go of it at a dead end to find a Bear Coin. Back on the ground, they need to head west and drop down into a pit. There, the Kongs have to walk a little farther to find the ending flagpole. Once they touch it, they end the level.



The letter "N"

DK Coin[edit]

  • Shortly after passing the letter O, the group can see a barrel. They must pick up the barrel and carry it down to the right, where they fall down a ledge. There, they encounter a Koin with the DK Coin. The heroes have to defeat the foe to get the coin. Though the Koin uses his shield to protect himself, the Kongs can stand on top of him and throw the barrel they found earlier into the wall. While the enemy is worried about the monkeys, the barrel bounces back and defeat the Koin, giving the apes the DK Coin.

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

  • K: Found past the first Bazuka encountered.
  • O: Located shortly after encountering the first Karbine enemy, past a Bazuka.
  • N: Guarded by a Karbine past the first tightrope with Klasp.
  • G: The heroes will be launched into the "G" Letter while normally progressing in the level.

Bonus Levels[edit]

  • Right before the letter O, the apes find a Bazuka. They have to bounce on one of the barrels shot by him, and move to the left in mid-air. If they do this, they see the first Bonus Barrel in the level. Dixie must be used at this point, and she needs to helicopter-twirl to the barrel. Once in the barrel, they end up in a Bonus Level, where they need to blast through a few Booster Barrels to collecte some stars. Once all the stars are obtained, a Bonus Coin appear at the end of the area.
  • After falling through the letter N, the Kongs land on a rope. They need to drop down from it and fall between several small platforms hanging on the side of the walls. Soon, they land on another rope. They must climb along this rope and dodge a Klasp to find a Bonus Barrel. It takes them to a Bonus Level, where they have to shoot through a long chain of Rotatable Barrels. Bananas between each barrel show the Kongs which way to shoot. At the end of the stage, the heroes find the stage's next Bonus Coin.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タルストリート
Taru Sutorīto
Barrel Street