Primate Plains

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Primate Plains
Primate Plains DKL3.png
Appearance Donkey Kong Land III
Levels 6
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Primate Plains is the second area in the Game Boy and Game Boy Color game Donkey Kong Land III. They are located in the Northern Kremisphere, to the west of Cape Codswallop and to the south of Blackforest Plateau. They replace Kremwood Forest from Donkey Kong Country 3 as the second world in the game.

Primate Plains consist of widespread plains planted with deciduous trees (unlike Cape Codswallop, which mostly features conifers). A meandering dirt road crosses the area, allowing the Kongs to enter the various levels. A tall mountain range, home to Bleak, is found in the north of the fields. A river runs across the plains, demarcating the southern and western borders of the area; it flows into a large body of water, that may be part of the Great Ape Lakes, and also powers a water-mill, where the level Miller Instinct takes place.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クレミス大平原
Kuremisu Daiheigen
Great Kremis Plains