Rocketeer Rally

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Rocketeer Rally
Rocketeer Rally DKL3c.png
World-Level 3-1
Game Donkey Kong Land III
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Rocketeer Rally is the thirteenth level in Donkey Kong Land III. It is the first level of Blackforest Plateau and is on the east side of the map. It is also the first waterfall level.


Rocketeer Rally is similar to Rocket Barrel Ride from Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! because it primarily features Booster Barrels, which Dixie and Kiddy must use to travel up the cascade. There are a few Tracker Barrels that the Kongs must use to go across large pits. There are some offbeat paths which lead to items such as Bear Coins or an Extra Life Balloon, and some lead to a Bonus Barrel. Kobbles, Sneeks, Buzzes, Bristles, Niknaks, and a single Krumple are the enemies encountered.


The level begins with a straight path leading to a Booster Barrel. Riding upwards into the barrel, the apes land on a small set of long platforms. At the end of this platform, they can find another Booster Barrel. It can carry them farther up the falls, where they need to get in a third Booster Barrel. This barrel blasts them into the air in a higher area. While airborne, the Kongs should make their way into the next Booster Barrel to the left. Once the barrel blasts them to a higher platform, they need to head over the area, avoiding a few enemies. Upon entering a nearby Booster Barrel, they are carried to a platform with another Booster Barrel. This Booster Barrel takes them to a higher area of the falls. There, they find yet another Booster Barrel, which can takes them to an area where they need to hop over a gap filled with two Buzzes. After this gap, they can see the next Booster Barrel. It can guide them to the letter O. Near the letter O is another Booster Barrel. It can take the monkeys to a higher area, where they have to head west to find another Booster Barrel. This barrel can guide them to a small platform with the Star Barrel.

About halfway through the level, the Kongs discover a Tracker Barrel to the right. This barrel helps them cross a large abyss and get into the nearest Booster Barrel. This barrel can fly them to a large platform with another Booster Barrel, found right above the Kongs. The barrel pulls them upwards to the next Booster Barrel. While airborne, they should try to land in the other barrel, and then blast to a third Booster Barrel in that area. The barrel takes them to yet another Booster Barrel. This barrel, the final barrel in the chain of Booster Barrels, blasts the apes back on a solid and large pathway. Only a few steps on this pathway take Dixie and Kiddy to the next Booster Barrel. Jumping into it, they are shot to a higher area again, where they should follow an arrow, telling them to travel to the east. They can find the next Booster Barrel in that direction, and it fires them into the air near another Booster Barrel. The heroes need to jump into that barrel to blast a little bit higher, landing on a small platform with yet another Booster Barrel. This barrel guides them onto a small platform with a Kobble and a flagpole. Touching the flagpole finishes off the level.

Items and objects[edit]

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

  • K: To the right of a Booster Barrel after two Kobbles.
  • O: To the left of a Booster Barrel after two Buzzes.
  • N: Underneath a Buzz left of a Booster Barrel
  • G: In the location where there is a banana arrow pointing right, proceed left to find the "G" letter near a Kobble.

DK Coin[edit]

Image Location
Rocketeer Rally DKL3 Koin.png At the end, when the Kongs reach the Level Flag, they must go backwards and jump onto a platform. There the Kongs encounter a Koin and a nearby Steel Barrel. They must throw the Steel Barrel at the left edge of the screen, causing it to bounce off and hit Koin from behind. This defeats Koin and the Kongs are rewarded the DK Coin. If the Kongs accidentally hit a Krumple with the Steel Barrel, they can move away from the area and return for it to reappear.

Bonus Levels[edit]

Image Type and description
Rocketeer Rally DKL3 Bonus Level 1.png Collect the Stars!
Near the start, Dixie or Kiddy must jump over a gap to the right of the letter K. With the help of a Niknak, they can get across and enter a Bonus Barrel. In the Bonus Level, the Kongs have 40 seconds to collect eight stars using several Tracker Barrels. When the Kongs collect every star, the Bonus Coin appears on a platform at the top.
Rocketeer Rally DKL3 Bonus Level 2.png Collect the Stars!
Near the end of the level, the Kongs come across a group of bananas shaping a right arrow. They must follow it and ride up a Booster Barrel, then go left. At the end of the path, there is a trail of bananas that direct into an airborne Booster Barrel, which takes them up to the second Bonus Barrel. In the Bonus Level, the Kongs have 25 seconds to collect 6 stars. Instead of using Tracker Barrels like in the first Bonus Level, the Kongs must use Booster Barrels to go up a waterfall, collecting a few stars along the way. When the Kongs collect every star, the Bonus Coin appears on a platform at the top.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タルでたきのぼり
Taru de takinobori
Climbing the Waterfall with Barrels