Rickety Rapids

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Rickety Rapids
Rickety Rapids.png
World-Level 5-3
Game Donkey Kong Land III
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Rickety Rapids is the twenty-seventh level in the Game Boy sequel to Donkey Kong Land and Donkey Kong Land 2, Donkey Kong Land III. It is also the third area in the Tin Can Valley.

In this waterfall level, the Kongs will have to make their way across many wide abysses. The only way to cross these pits, though, is with the help of Tracker Barrels. These barrels will follow the monkeys' path in the air and shoot them around the abysses. They should be careful, though, as if they move too fast, the Booster Barrels below them might not be able to keep up with them and miss. If this happens, the heroes will have to climb up a large portion of the waterfall all over again. Not only is this level filled with Tracker Barrels, but it also has many Booster Barrels in it. These special barrels will help the monkeys travel to higher areas of the level. To make things tough, this level is filled with several enemies, Re-Koils, Sneeks, Buzzes, and even the mighty Krumple. Kopters and Knockas also appear here near the end of the level.

Level layout[edit]

From the start of this watery level, the Kongs must travel west while dodging a few enemies. They will soon, come up to a Tracker Barrel. It must be used to blast across a small gap. After passing several Krumples afterwards, the heroes will need to hop into another Tracker Barrel. This time, they will have to shoot over a Buzz and then land in a Booster Barrel. This barrel will blast the Kongs high in the air, where they will need to move to the right and land on a safe area. Carrying on, they must head east over to the next Tracker Barrel. It will shoot them over another gap, then to another barrel. That barrel will take the monkeys back on land. There, they will need to walk a little farther to yet another Tracker Barrel. It will, as usual, shoot them over a wide pit. On the other end, the monkeys will need to avoid a few more enemies and leap into the next Tracker Barrel. They should head to a Booster Barrel with it. This barrel will take them to another Tracker Barrel. They will have to blast to the west at this point, still using a few more Tracker Barrels. Once they are finally back on land, the group must head a little farther west to find the Star Barrel.

Halfway through the level, the heroes must cross two small gaps with a Tracker Barrel. If they walk a little farther, they will have to use another Tracker Barrel. They should use it to blast to a Booster Barrel, which will take them up to the next Tracker Barrel. There, the monkeys will need to shoot over a few Buzzes and reach another Tracker Barrel. This barrel will soon take them to a Booster Barrel. Finally, this barrel will take the monkeys back on safe ground, and not over the dangerous falls. After the Kongs are on land, they must head east and surpass more obstacles to encounter another wide abyss. With the Tracker Barrel nearby, they must blast over some more Buzzes and make it over the abyss. When the heroes are on the other end, they will have to hop into another Tracker Barrel. It will shoot them to a Booster Barrel, which will lead the monkeys to a higher area on a large platform. From there, they must journey west and avoid several Krumples and a Kopter. Eventually, they will need to use a Tracker Barrel to get over a small gap, and then leap into a Booster Barrel to reach a high platform. At that point, the Dixie and Kiddy must travel east. Walking a longer distance than usual, they must cross a small gap with a Tracker Barrel and dodge Buzzes and Knockas. Soon, they will find a large abyss, and it can only be crossed with a Tracker Barrel. So, they should get in the barrel and blast over a few Buzzes to get over it. On the other end, the heroes will find the flagpole to end the level.


Bonus Levels[edit]

  • Right before the Star Barrel, the monkeys will find a small gap with some bananas in between it. If they jump through the gap, they will land in a Tracker Barrel. The barrel will have to guide them west as they shoot in and out of it, until they fall in a Bonus Barrel. It will take them to the Bonus Level, where they must hop up a few collapsing cloud platforms to to reach a Booster Barrel. This barrel will take them to a Tracker Barrel. The monkeys will need to head west with the barrel and blast over a Buzz to encounter another Booster Barrel. It will lead them to another Tracker Barrel. This Tracker Barrel must simply be used to head to the Bonus Coin to the left.
  • Shortly after passing the letter G, the heroes will be shot to a high area with a Booster Barrel. There, they will see a formation of bananas, forming an arrow pointing east. The monkeys should not follow this arrow, and instead head west. Soon, they will come up to a Bonus Barrel. Once it blasts them to the Bonus Level, they must shoot through a few kinds of barrels, Auto Fire Barrels, Tracker Barrels, and Rotatable Barrels. With all these barrels, they should try to grab a few stars scattered around the area. By the time the Kongs are at the top part of the stage, they should have all the stars. If so, the Bonus Coin will appear at the highest platform.

DK Coin[edit]

Just before the flagpole at the end of the level, the heroes will see a barrel. They will need to pick it up and jump over the flagpole to find the Koin. With the barrel they have, the monkeys should defeat the foe. Although the Koin has the DK Coin, being used as a shield, he can be beat if the Kongs stand on him and throw their barrel at the edge of the screen. If this is done, the barrel will bounce back and hit the Koin, thus giving the group the DK Coin.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 流れに気をつけろ
Nagare ni Kiwotsukeru
Be Careful of the Flow