Lost World (Donkey Kong Land III)

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Lost World
The map of the Lost World in Donkey Kong GB: Dinky Kong & Dixie Kong.
Appearance Donkey Kong Land III
Levels 6
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“Well done, it seems I underestimated you. Welcome to the Lost World, but you will never catch me.”
Baron K. Roolenstein, Donkey Kong Land III

Lost World is the sixth and final world in Donkey Kong Land III. It can only be accessed by Dixie and Kiddy Kong once they have collected every DK Coin and Stop Watch. The world boss is Baron K. Roolenstein, who is previously fought as the boss of Tin Can Valley. The Lost World is set in grassland and has a few caves and factories.

The Lost World has a significant role in the beginning storyline: there was a contest held to see who would first discover the Lost World first. Both Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong participated in the contest, leaving Dixie and Kiddy behind; they felt rejected and decided to participate in the contest themselves, though Baron K. Roolenstein also decided to join.

After the Kongs defeat Baron K. Roolenstein in the Lost World, the game cuts to the ending. In it, a start line can be seen in the background, presumably related to the Lost World contest.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ロストワールド
Rosuto Wārudo
Lost World


  • In a prototype of the original Game Boy release, Stop Watches are the only requirement for entering the Lost World.[1]