Barbos Bastion

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Barbos Bastion
Enguarde the Swordfish battling Barbos.
Level code 1-BOSS
World Cape Codswallop
Game Donkey Kong Land III
Boss Barbos
Music track Big Boss Blues
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Barbos Bastion is the boss level of Cape Codswallop, the first world of Donkey Kong Land III. It involves a boss fight between Enguarde and Barbos.


The fight takes place in a coral reef. Enguarde emerges on the left side of the battlefield, while Barbos is positioned on the right. Barbos attacks by summoning Lurchins one at a time, each of which will chase Enguarde for a few seconds and, when they stop, start opening and closing their shells. Enguarde must attack the Lurchins when their shells are open to launch them to the right; Barbos takes damage when they collide with her face. After each hit (including the final one), Barbos will launch a trio of Lurchins in a spread pattern, with one traveling straight to the left and the other two moving diagonally. These Lurchins do not open their shells and cannot be used as ammo against Barbos. Barbos takes three hits to go down and drops a Bonus Coin when defeated.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese みさきのばんにん バーボス
Misaki no bannin Bābosu
Cape Guardian Barbos