Rainforest Rumble

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Rainforest Rumble
Rainforest Rumble DKL3c.png
Level code 6-4
Game Donkey Kong Land III
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Rainforest Rumble is the thirty-fourth level in Donkey Kong Land III and the fourth level of the Lost World. It takes place in a forest where Dixie and Kiddy are transformed into Ellie for most of the level. There are many small gaps for Ellie to jump over. There are many enemies in the level, including Bristles, Buzzes, Sneeks, Krimps, and a lone Krumple. A few Niknaks appear in a hidden area of the level, and many Buzzes are located around the abysses.


From the start of the level, the heroes have to head east and run into a barrel. This barrel blasts them over an abyss and into an Animal Barrel, turning the monkeys into Ellie the Elephant. From there, the transformed group must walk down a long path, filled with many small gaps. As Ellie jumps over each abyss, she has to watch out for many enemies, mainly Sneeks and Buzzes around the pits. On the way, the elephant runs into the letter K and has to hop over more gaps. After jumping across a rather wide abyss, Ellie finds the letter O. At that point, she must defeat more enemies with her water-shooting abilities and cross two small gaps to find the Star Barrel.

Now about halfway through the level, the Animal Friend has to travel over more abysses. She also meets some Krimps around the area. On a small platform, she can find the letter N. After this, the small elephant needs to avoid more enemies and cross more pits to find the letter G in plain sight. After this is collected, Ellie has to cross another abyss and walk down a long, enemy covered path to find a No Animal Sign. Once this sign is passed, Ellie turns back into the Kongs. At that point, the heroes must jump into a Rotatable Barrel and blast to a Krumple on the other end of an abyss. There, they encounter the End of Level Flag.

Items and objects[edit]

The following items and objects appear in the following quantities:

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

  • K: East of the first Buzz encountered in the level
  • O: Obtainable after a jumping a large gap found while progressing normally in the level
  • N: On a small platform between two larger ones
  • G: Near a Buzz and an abyss

DK Coin[edit]

At the End of Level Flag, the Kongs must pick up a Steel Barrel and jump over the End of Level Flag. The Koin is behind the flagpole, and to defeat Koin, Dixie or Kiddy must throw the Steel Barrel behind Koin, causing it to bounce off and roll into Koin from behind. This defeats him and rewards the DK Coin to the Kongs.

Bonus Levels[edit]

Rainforest Rumble has two Bonus Levels, listed by type:

  • Collect the Stars!: When starting the level, Dixie or Kiddy must go left travel west and drop off a cliff, right below a banana, to land in an Animal Barrel, which transforms turns them into Squawks the Parrot. Squawks must cross over a wide abyss, and can defeat two Niknaks and a Buzz along the way. To the left is another platform with a No Animal Sign and a Bonus Barrel left of the sign. In the Bonus Level, the Kongs must collect four stars within 20 seconds. They must blast from some Auto-Fire Barrels, allowing them to collect the individual stars between. After the Kongs collect the stars, the Bonus Coin appears on a platform to the left, and the Kongs are automatically blasted to it at the end.
  • Collect the Stars!: Just before the End of Level Flag, the Kongs enter a Rotatable Barrel. They must aim the Rotatable Barrel to face down and blast in that direction to enter another Bonus Barrel. For the second Bonus Level, the Kongs have 20 seconds to collect 12 stars, some of which are on the konveyor ropes. After the Kongs collect every star, the Bonus Coin appears to the bottom-right corner of the area.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エリーといっしょ
Erī to Issho
Together with Ellie