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Artwork of the toboggan from Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
Artwork of the toboggan

A toboggan is a vehicle used in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! and Donkey Kong Land III. They are the successor to Mine Carts from Donkey Kong Country and Roller Coasters from Donkey Kong Country 2. Despite its name, the toboggan more closely resembles a bobsled. Toboggans are only featured in a few levels, either set in a snowy region or in an underground pipeline. They are always the main feature of levels they appear in.


Demolition Drain-Pipe
A toboggan used in Demolition Drain-Pipe

Toboggans allow Dixie and Kiddy to quickly transport through a level. They are forced to ride in it from start to finish for every level it appears in. The Kongs can land the toboggan on a Buzz to defeat it. They have almost no control over the toboggan, as they cannot control its speed, stop it from moving, or even exit from it until they end up in an Auto-Fire Barrel. While they ride the toboggan, the Kongs can only jump with it. The vehicle's rapid motion causes the Kongs to be vulnerable to crashing into obstacles or enemies, especially Buzzes.

Toboggans only appear in two levels, both in which they are the main feature: Demolition Drain-Pipe and Tearaway Toboggan. The Kongs ride it through an underground pipeline in the former, and through a snowy region in the latter. Demolition Drain-Pipe has ceilings with silver railings that the toboggan can grip onto, specifically for collecting bananas or a K-O-N-G Letter. In the Game Boy Advance remake, a toboggan appears in a third level, Surf's Up, which is another pipeline stage.

Toboggans also appear in two levels in Donkey Kong Land III. Like Donkey Kong Country 3, one level is snowy while the other is set in a pipeline, Black Ice Blitz and Whiplash Dash. Toboggans function mostly identically in this game, but a few features were removed. The toboggan can no longer defeat Buzzes, and jumping on one injures Dixie or Kiddy. The pipeline stage, Whiplash Dash, has no ceiling rails for the toboggan to grip on.

Toboggans reappear as ridable vehicles in the Mammoth Glacier stage of Donkey Kong Barrel Blast.